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  • Highlights
    TWINVISC – ZEISS premium cohesive and dispersive OVDs

    TWINVISC® – unique combination of dispersive and cohesive OVDs in one single innovative syringe

    • All-in-one syringe contains two different solutions made of sodium hyaluronate – released one after the other
    • Easy solution suitable for every cataract surgery procedure – from routine to complicated cases
    • Innovative patented delivery system

    Multiple requirements – one solution

    TWINVISC is highly effective at every phase of the surgery and ensures:

    • Easy injection of the dispersive and cohesive viscoelastic solutions in sequence
    • Creation and maintenance of volume in the anterior segment during capsulorrhexis and implantation
    • Clear view at every stage
    • Protection of the endothelium and other tissue during the various maneuvers and use of ultrasound
    • Quick and easy removal
    • Optimum safety thanks to ZEISS quality standard

    TWINVISC – “Engineered for simplicity”

  • Technical Data

    TWINVISC – unique combination of dispersive and cohesive OVDs in one single innovative syringe

    The dispersive OVD of TWINVISC®

    is a 2.2 % solution of sodium hyaluronate derived from bacterial fermentation that has a low molecular weight and a low viscosity. These properties make it possible to inject the OVD via a fine 25-gauge cannula inserted easily into a small incision. The volume of dispersive OVD provided, 0.7 ml, is more than sufficient.

    The cohesive OVD of TWINVISC
    consists of a 1.0 % solution of sodium hyaluronate derived from bacterial fermentation that has a high molecular weight and a high viscosity. The 0.7 ml volume of cohesive OVD provided is also very convenient.

    TWINVISC ZEISS premium cohesive and dispersive OVDs




    bacterial Fermentation

    bacterial Fermentation


    Sodium Hyaluronate (NaHA)

    Sodium Hyaluronate (NaHA)


    2.2% NaHA

    1.0% NaHA


    0.7 ml

    0.7 ml


    7.0 - 7.6

    7.2 - 7.6


    300 - 360 mOsmol/kg

    300 - 350 mOsmol/kg

    Molecular weight*

    1,000,000 Da

    2,000,000 Da

    Pseudoplasticity index



    Zero-shear viscosity

    Avg. 30,000 mPa.s

    Avg. 14,000 mPa.s

    Cannula 25 G
    Storage 2 - 8 °C
    Packaging 1 box of TWINVISC contains: 1 x two-chamber syringe, 1 x 25G cannula

    * The molecular weight is calculated from average intrinsic viscosity according to the Mark–Houwink relationship.


    Innovation at its best:
    The unique Bypass system

    The innovative Bypass system in the stopper makes it possible to hold two different OVDs in two separate chambers in one single syringe.

    The Bypass system is activated automatically by the pressure generated when the plunger is depressed to inject the second viscoelastic substance. The viscoelastics in each chamber are expelled separately and consecutively, they do not mix together and are totally released.

    The TWINVISC Bypass system

    • Prevents any reflux of the dispersive OVD into the cohesive OVD
    • Improves smooth delivery of the 2 OVDs
    • Enables the 2 OVDs to be expelled separately and consecutively
    • Ensures that the 2 OVDs do not mix and are totally released
  • User Testimonials

    Engineered for simplicity – a concept that meets surgeons’ demands

    This unique, original solution is innovative and effective in meeting the demanding requirements of modern cataract surgery, such as micro-incision, the Best-of-Both- Worlds or Soft-Shell techniques.

    Dr Steve ARSHINOFF

    Dr Steve ARSHINOFF, MD FRCSC Toronto, Canada The creator of the soft-shell technique

    ”TWINVISC is a unique approach to the softshell technique, where a dispersive OVD and a cohesive OVD have been placed in a single syringe, separated by a stop, for planned sequential injection, making its use very easy and in a way ‘automated’.”

    Dr Thierry AMZALLAG

    Dr Thierry AMZALLAG, MD Somain, France Ophthalmic Institute of Somain

    “The combination of complementary dispersive and cohesive products, the use of a single syringe and the innovative Bypass system offer a performing, protecting and easy to use OVD for the surgeon, whatever his surgical technique and his incision size.”

    Dr Giuseppe TRABUCCHI

    Dr Giuseppe TRABUCCHI, MD Milan, Italy Director of the Ophthalmic Department of the Hospital of Legnano

    “I am a routine user of TWINVISC as it offers two OVDs, a dispersive and a cohesive, visibly separated, in one syringe without any risk of mixture. The TWINVISC is ideally suited for phase 1 (capsulorrhexis/phaco) and phase 2 (implantation) of the surgical procedure. It‘s a multifunction OVD, very easy to use and last but not least, it‘s an eco-friendly device.”

    Dr Pierre BOUCHUT

    Dr Pierre BOUCHUT, MD Bordeaux, France Thiers Ophthalmic Clinic

    “Co-MICS and implantations of premium IOLs have changed our surgical habits and our needs with regards to OVDs. TWINVISC meets completely our expectations of safety and performance. TWINVISC is the right combination of a well balanced dispersive OVD, which remains effective during phacoemulsification, and a cohesive OVD designed for implantation which is easy to remove, this for routine surgery and all patients.”

    Dr Nitin VERMA

    Dr Nitin VERMA, MD Tasmania, Australia Hon. Consul for Timor Leste in Tasmania

    “I am a TWINVISC user because it’s the most convenient packaging of a high quality cohesive and dispersive viscoelastic in one syringe available in the market. Also, being from a company like Carl Zeiss, I am assured of a fully tested, high quality product and, as I regularly implant ZEISS IOLs, it allows me to source most of my consumables from one source. TWINVISC offers a lot of benefits. It’s extremely cost-effective and can be used in most of the commonly carried out anterior segment procedures. It allows us to carry a smaller inventory of viscoelastics. Moreover, its packaging allows the use of the viscoelastics in the order that they are required for cataract surgery; the amount of each viscoelastic is generous and takes into account any spillage that may occur. Furthermore, it reduces the amount of medical waste (one cannula and one syringe less!).”

    Dr Antonino BROCCIO

    Dr Antonino BROCCIO, MD Messina, Italy Villa Salus, Head of Unità Operativa di Oculistica

    “The OVD is the partner of the surgeon during the operation; we often say the third hand of the surgeon, so the choice is really important to operate in confidence with trustful tools. TWINVISC combines protection, performance and safety at all stages of the surgery. The two distinctive OVDs inside the unique syringe are complementary, offering you flexibility of use in routine and also in more complicated cases.”

    Dr Maurizio BUSCEMI

    Dr Maurizio BUSCEMI, MD Milan, Italy Casa di Cura Igea

    “I think that OVD is one of the most important surgical tools and it is really fundamental to choose the appropriate one. With TWINVISC I feel safe in every surgical step from the rhexis to the IOL implantation. I find it ideal for every kind of cataract (hard or soft nucleus, wide or narrow anterior chamber). Moreover the single syringe offers a unique ease of use. In cataract surgery simplicity is synonymous of safety!”

    Dr Claudio SAVARESI

    Dr Claudio SAVARESI, MD Milan, Italy, San Pio X Hospital, Chairman Department of Ophthalmology

    “TWINVISC is ideally suited for modern surgical techniques such as soft-shell and MICS. Using this all-in-one device is really a straightforward solution for a comfortable and safe implantation of premium IOLs.”

    Dr Vincenzo ORFEO

    Dr Vincenzo ORFEO, MD Naples, Italy, Clinica Mediterranea, Director of the Unità Operativa di Oculistica

    “TWINVISC is an ideal solution for MICS surgery being adapted to each step of the procedure. You have in hand one syringe, all along the intervention, with two high performing OVDs offering good anterior chamber maintenance, high protection of tissue and cells, easy handling of micro-instruments and quick removal.”

    Dr Olivier LAPLACE

    Dr Olivier LAPLACE, MD Paris, France, Quinze-Vingts Hospital and Jouvenet Clinic, Department of Prof. Nordmann

    “TWINVISC answers my needs. The availability of a cohesive and a dispersive product in the same syringe offers a huge ease of use, tailored to all surgeries. It’s an eco-friendly product which also answers my concerns. MICS is a meticulous and reproducible surgery. Any simplification offering maximal warranty of performance should be considered as a significant breakthrough.”

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