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The pain relief OVD

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VISTHESIA -  ZEISS premium viscoanesthetic  OVD


The pain relief OVD


  • Highlights
    VISTHESIA supplement


    The pain relief OVD

    VISTHESIA® is the first and only OVD that offers an ophthalmic viscoelastic and an ancillary anaesthetic combined; providing more comfort for your patient,especially during prolonged procedures.


    VISTHESIA Topical

    • The ancillary lidocaine ensures comfort for the patient at the start of surgery
    • The preoperative topical application with sodium hyaluronate
    • coats and hydrates the epithelial cells, to support clear vision into the eye
    • minimizes the need for additional hydration during surgery


    VISTHESIA Intracameral cohesive OVD

    • Maintains anterior chamber space
    • Provides endothelial protection and pupil dilation for routine or complex cataract cases
    • Ensures even dispersion of lidocaine throughout the eye to all tissue
    • Precise delivery of 1% lidocaine combined into one step saves time and preparation of a separate intracameral anesthetic

    VISTHESIA – “Engineered for simplicity”

    VISTHESIA 1.0% and VISTHESIA 1.5% are not for sale in the UK and Portugal.

  • Technical Data

    VISTHESIA – The pain relief OVD

    VISTHESIA includes Topical and intracameral solutions in the same package.
    VISTHESIA Topical for protection and hydration of the cornea contains sodium hyaluronate 0.3% and lidocaine hydrochloride 2.0%.
    VISTHESIA Intracameral is available in two sodium hyaluronate concentrations: 1.5% and 1.0% – both combined with lidocaine hydrochloride 1.0%.

    ZEISS Premium viscoanesthetic OVD

    VISTHESIA 1.5%
    VISTHESIA 1.0%

    Topical ampules
    Topical ampules
    Bacterial Fermentation
    Bacterial Fermentation
    Sodium Hyaluronate (NaHA)
    Sodium Hyaluronate (NaHA)

    0.3% NaHA
    2.0% lidocaine
    0.3% NaHA
    2.0% lidocaine
    Volume 2 ampules of 0.3 ml 2 ampules of 0.3 ml

    Intracameral syringe Intracameral syringe
    Behavior Cohesive Cohesive
    Origin Bacterial Fermentation Bacterial Fermentation
    Substance Sodium Hyaluronate (NaHA) Sodium Hyaluronate (NaHA)
    Concentration 1.5% NaHA
    1.0% lidocaine
    1.0% NaHA
    1.0% lidocaine
    Volume 1 syringe of 0.8 ml 1 syringe of 0.8 ml
    pH 7.0 - 7.6 7.0 - 7.6
    Osmolality 280 - 330 mOsmol/kg 280 - 330 mOsmol/kg
    Molecular weight* 2,900,000 Da 2,900,000 Da
    Pseudoplasticity index
    Zero-shear viscosity
    Avg. 187,000 mPa.s
    Avg. 63,000 mPa.s
    27 G
    27 G
    2 - 8 °C
    2 - 8 °C
    Packaging 1 box of VISTHESIA 1.5% contains: 1 x intracameral syringe, 2 x topical ampules, 1 x 27G cannula 1 box of VISTHESIA 1.0% contains: 1 x intracameral syringe, 2 x topical ampules, 1 x 27G cannula

    *The molecular weight is calculated from average intrinsic viscosity according to the Mark–Houwink relationship.

    VISTHESIA 1.5% and VISTHESIA 1.0% are not for sale in the UK and Portugal.

  • User Testimonials
    VISTHESIA OR picture color

    Engineered for simplicity – a concept that meets surgeons’ demands

    One product – two components. One application – two outcomes. The unique combination of viscoelastic and ancillary anesthetic serves two purposes: safety and comfort for both, surgeon and patient.

    “Some patients come to our center specifically because we use VISTHESIA. Using VISTHESIA in our institution has been very beneficial for me in terms of workflow and patient satisfaction.”
    Prof. Ekkehard FABIAN, MD
    Rosenheim, Germany, AugenCentrum

    “I believe VISTHESIA is the standard of care for cataract surgery.”
    Dr. Karin WALLENTÉN, MD, PHD
    Växjö, Sweden, Växjö Hospital

    “VISTHESIA provides the security of knowing the patient has maximal comfort.”
    Dr. Carlos Ruiz LAPUENTE, MD
    Barcelona, Spain, Virgen del Rocío Hospital

    “VISTHESIA means more comfort for the patient and more comfort for the surgeon.”
    Prof. Joseph COLIN, MD
    Bordeaux, France, Bordeaux University Medical School

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    VISTHESIA Cataract and Refractive Surgery

    The unique combination of OVD and ancillary anesthesia

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    Engineered for simplicity

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