innovationMADE BY ZEISS
Experiencing the difference of superior phaco efficiency. ZEISS Visalis 100
innovationMADE BY ZEISS
Visalis 100 from ZEISS
Experience the difference of superior phaco efficiency. ZEISS Visalis 100

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Visalis 100 from ZEISS

Experience the difference

  • Highlights

    After experiencing the release 2.0 of the Visalis® 100 from ZEISS, surgeons provided exciting feedback on phaco efficiency:

    • 95 % of cases showed outstanding followability1
    • 100 % experienced superior chamber stability1
    • 98 % of hard cataract cases confirmed extremely good ultrasound performance1



    Unique features for your patients

    The capturing followability1 of the ZEISS Visalis 100 attracts and continuously engages nucleus fragments on the phaco tip. Unique in its class, it enables a
    1.8 mm incision, reducing surgically induced astigmatism and accelerating wound healing as described in the literature. The Adaptive Power Control measures and stabilizes the tip stroke, resulting in potentially less stress for your patient's eye. Together with the new pulse modes allowing you to minimize the energy applied, the ZEISS Visalis 100 sharply focuses on your patient's eye.


    Usability and cost-effectiveness for you

    ZEISS stands for high-quality products that are engineered for long-term use. This, together with the wide variety of reusable accessories, ensures that the ZEISS Visalis 100 is tailored to meet the economic needs of your practice.

    The new graphical user interface, new prime options and a new, more ergonomic footswitch with simultaneous linear control of aspiration and ultrasound will let you experience a difference in usability every day!

    Visalis100 OPMI LUMERA 300

    A winning team – combine with OPMI LUMERA 300

    Combine the Visalis 100 with the OPMI LUMERA 300 surgical microscope from ZEISS and get proven ZEISS optics with a clear, brilliant and high-contrast image together with a unique phaco system – a winning team for cataract surgery.

  • Technical Data
    Dimensions Height: 205 mm, width: 400 mm, depth: 405 mm
    Weight 12.5 kg

    Gravity fed fluid delivery; eye pressure determined by height of irrigation source
    Solenoid valving element
    Aspiration Peristaltic pump
    5 to 500 mmHg vacuum range
    Flow rate from 2 to 50 cc/min
    Surgery mode with fixed or linear control from 0 to preset of the flow and / or
    vacuum level via Double Linear Footswitch II
    0.5 to 12 s aspiration rise time

    4 Piezoelectric crystals handpiece with approx. 40 kHz
    U/S mode with Continuous, Pulse, Burst and with fixed or linear control from 0 to preset
    U/S Timer / Timer EPT from 00:00:0 minutes to 59:59:9 minutes
    Vitrectomy Handpieces type with pneumatically powered guillotine cutter
    Cutting rate from 60 to 700 cuts per minute
    Actuating medium with pressurized air from integrated air compressor
    Diathermy Adjustable bipolar power from 9 W @ 200 Ω, 5 to 100%
    Linear control with Double Linear Footswitch II
  • Options & Accessories
  • Services


    Support whenever you need it

    Do you rely on high system availability? If your answer is yes, then why not consider our ZEISS OPTIME service agreements, which are designed to ensure the readiness of your medical equipment at all times.

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    The smart way to acquire ZEISS technology

    Want the latest technology from ZEISS despite a tight budget? ZEISS Financial Solutions might have the right financing options for you.

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    Visalis 100 from ZEISS

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