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Corneal and refractive surgery

Clinical solutions for wide-ranging vision correction applications

Doctor performing refractive surgery with VisuMax

Technology drives innovation and positive change in many areas of life – so, too, in modern eye care. In corneal surgery and refractive surgery, the introduction of the excimer laser have paved the way for wide-ranging vision correction solutions and procedures, including PRK, PTK, LASIK and other topography-guided treatments. Thirty years later, lasers continue to shape developments in the field. Femtosecond laser technology, for example, is now paving the way for minimally invasive refractive surgery techniques such as SMILE.

From the start, ZEISS played an instrumental role in helping to advance treatments of the cornea with groundbreaking technologies. In 1986, it introduced the first commercially available excimer laser system for vision correction. As an innovation leader with a feel for future developments, it has continued to pioneer laser eye surgery systems and applications as well as integrated corneal diagnostic solutions designed to safely, effectively and efficiently support the range of corneal surgery and refractive surgery procedures.


Combination VisuMax and MEL excimer laser

Innovative laser vision correction technologies

ZEISS has one of the most comprehensive laser refractive surgery technology portfolios in the industry. With the femtosecond laser system VisuMax® to perform ReLEx® SMILE®, the MEL® 90 excimer lasers, as well as various clinical applications, it also possesses one of the most progressive. Solutions such as PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision, an advanced method for treating patients with age-related loss of accommodation, or presbyopia, enable excellent near, intermediate and distance visual acuity. 


Minimally invasive surgery – the femtosecond laser

The introduction of femtosecond laser technology has opened the door for new laser vision correction techniques, most notably, small incision lenticule extraction, or SMILE. It is the first minimally invasive refractive surgery procedure. Due to the recent FDA-approval SMILE is available in all major markets globally, and offers refractive surgeons yet another treatment option. With ReLEx® SMILE, ZEISS also offers the first commercially available solution for performing SMILE.

MEL 90

Refractive surgery excellence – the excimer laser

In the past, the excimer laser defined the field of corneal and refractive surgery like no other technology. For decades, these lasers were the tools of the trade for performing a wide variety of laser vision correction procedures and applications. Over the years, the technology has seen further improvements in terms of treatment safety and effectiveness – thanks in part also to innovations from ZEISS.

VisuMax MEL80 Station

Outstanding solutions for all types of treatments

ZEISS offers excellent products for a broad range of corneal surgery and refractive surgery applications. In addition to therapeutic corneal applications, it has superb solutions for numerous types of laser eye treatments. In fact, with the combined setup of ZEISS VisuMax femtosecond laser and ZEISS MEL excimer laser, ZEISS is the only company to offer a platform for performing the three major laser vision correction procedures of PRK, LASIK and SMILE.

CRS-Master treatment planning station

Customized laser eye treatments

Precise laser eye surgery treatments start with precise planning. The CRS-Master® from ZEISS lets clinicians individually plan and document topography-guided procedures, including specific types of treatments, with a high degree of accuracy. The system integrates patient and diagnostic data to enable highly customized laser vision corrections with the ZEISS MEL 90. It also supports the unique PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision treatment method, allowing for safe and predictable outcomes for presbyopic patients.

CRS Master

Corneal and routine diagnostics

The ATLAS® 9000 from ZEISS, one of the most advanced corneal topography systems, delivers detailed surface curvature maps of the cornea. In combination with the ZEISS CRS-Master, it marvelously supports the planning of customized refractive treatments.

For routine diagnostic examinations, the Essential Line portfolio from ZEISS offers a wide selection of instruments aimed at optimizing eye care workflow. Slit lamps from ZEISS deliver outstanding optical performance day in and day out.

Corneal Topography System

Basic Diagnostics Solutions

  • 1 Reference to clinical outcomes as compared to monovision. Data on file.
  • 2 ReLEx® and SMILE® are registered trademarks of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG