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Femtosecond laser solutions

Laser Vision Correction – a way to minimally invasive correction

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First introduced over 30 years ago, the use of lasers in corneal and refractive surgery has proven to be a great success. Over the years, the field has seen tremendous advancements, many of them associated with three Laser Vision Correction procedures: PRK, LASIK and, most recently, SMILE. Whereas excimer lasers played a crucial role in shaping developments of the first two techniques, femtosecond laser technology is now creating additional treatment opportunities – specifically, for minimally invasive vision correction approaches such as SMILE.

With ReLEx® SMILE®, ZEISS enables surgeons to treat refractive impairments with the currently smallest surgical available surface cut. During SMILE, the ZEISS VisuMax® femtosecond laser creates a lenticule inside the cornea and a small incision in one single step. The lenticule is then manually extracted through the access cut by the surgeon. Femtosecond laser solutions developed by ZEISS provide the foundation for this groundbreaking technique.

How femtosecond laser technology works

Based on the principle of photodisruption, femtosecond laser technology uses ultrashort pulses – shorter than those of an excimer laser – to create microscopic perforations in the tissue. When these pulses are tightly focused in the tissue, the electrons are separated from the molecules, creating plasma along with cavitation bubbles that enable tissue separation within the cornea. A system equipped with excellent optics allows surgeons to conduct pinpoint applications with a high degree of accuracy. Also, a femtosecond laser generally requires significantly less pulse energy than an excimer laser. The mechanical and thermal effects to the surrounding tissue during treatment are minimal.

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Pushing the boundaries of Laser Vision Correction

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The femtosecond laser offers tremendous vision correction possibilities. This potential was recognized early on at ZEISS, which has helped to drive the technology forward from the start with various innovations. When it introduced the VisuMax in 2006, it looked beyond flap cuts for femtosecond laser LASIK procedures as the only possible application. The femtosecond laser was specifically designed as a reliable, precise and high-performance workstation to create lenticular shaped pieces of tissue. In combination with this ZEISS introduced ReLEx SMILE as the first commercially available SMILE solution. This spirit of innovation and attention to detail, characteristic of all ZEISS products, is also evident in the anatomically optimized contact glass. Together with the laser’s high pulse rates, it adds to a convenient, comfortable and gentle treatment experience – for doctors and patients alike.

Covering an extensive treatment range

Exceptional cutting precision and speed, outstanding safety and efficiency, renowned ZEISS optics and highly convenient workflow features have made the ZEISS VisuMax femtosecond laser system a favored tool for a wide variety of treatment applications of the cornea. Starting with highly precise corneal flap cuts for femtosecond laser LASIK procedures to keratoplasty options for corneal transplants as well as customized corneal tunnels for intracorneal ring segments (ICRs), it covers it all. What’s more, it is the only system available on the market enabling surgeons to perform SMILE.

ReLEx SMILE is suitable for treating patients with low, moderate as well as high myopia. When performing SMILE, the anterior corneal surface is largely left intact, thereby offering the potential for more biomechanical stability.

Broad-ranging refractive surgery solutions

In addition to femtosecond laser-based myopia treatments, the ZEISS refractive surgery portfolio includes innovative solutions for effectively addressing a wide range of indications, including hyperopia, astigmatism and presbyopia. The MEL® 90 from ZEISS, one of the most advanced excimer lasers on the market today, offers surgeons the high precision, reliability and convenience needed to conduct efficient PRK and LASIK procedures with excellent outcomes. The system can be combined with the ZEISS VisuMax to support Femto-LASIK treatments. In fact, with the combination setup of femtosecond laser and excimer laser, ZEISS is the only company to provide a solution for performing the three major Laser Vision Correction procedures of PRK, LASIK and SMILE.  

  • 1 ReLEx® and SMILE® are registered trademarks of Carl Zeiss Meditec AG.