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Unmatched workflow efficiency in laser therapy.

The next generation VISULAS photocoagulator from ZEISS incorporates InsightView display and TouchControl center switch to allow you to keep your eyes on the patient while changing parameters during the laser therapy. This unique combination helps to support easy, efficient and highly-focused therapeutic laser treatments for retinal diseases and glaucoma. The ZEISS VISULAS green turns daily clinical routine into a more convenient and more efficient treatment experience for both you and your patients, without interruption.

Maximize your focus.

Integrated parameter selection

Monitor important treatment settings directly in the eyepiece with the InsightView display on the VISULAS green from ZEISS.

Monitor your settings seamlessly.

Reduce equipment-related distractions using ZEISS VISULAS green's InsightView display that shows important treatment settings directly in the eyepiece, improving your ability to maintain focus on your therapy session and your patient.

Experience an improved level of control.

Change and adjust the laser parameters while operating the joystick using ZEISS VISULAS green's TouchControl center switch to maintain your concentration on the procedure, without interruption.

Adjust laser parameters on VISULAS green from ZEISS with the TouchControl center switch.

Increase your workflow efficiency.

Treatment protocols tailored to your practice

Streamline your workflow with customized therapeutic laser protocols, a workflow-oriented user interface and simplified documentation. Save your treatment specifications including your preferred contact lens for multiple users, then access them quickly with a single touch on the TouchControl panel. Reduce your treatment documentation effort with an automated parameter summary immediately after a procedure.

Customize your treatment protocols with VISULAS green from ZEISS.

Save your treatment protocols

Simplify laser treatment documentation with ZEISS VISULAS green.

Review the automated treatment parameter summary

Customize your workstation.

Modular design. Maximum comfort.

The modular design of ZEISS VISULAS green can be tailored to your practice needs. Available with a choice of single or dual fiber ports, it can be customized to suit virtually all types of practice and treatment preferences.

Your ZEISS VISULAS green workstation is customizable for maximum comfort.




Laser console with single or dual fiber port

Laser console with single or dual fiber port

InsightView display



TouchControl center switch



TouchControl foot switch



Slit lamp magnification levels

8x, 12x, 20x

5x, 8x, 12x, 20x, 32x

VITE multispot photocoagulation option



Joystick with manual trigger and electronic micromanipulator

Only with manual trigger


Automated treatment parameter summary



Ability to manage treatment data in ZEISS FORUM



Services in focus


Support when you need it

Do you rely on high system availability? If your answer is yes, then why not consider our ZEISS OPTIME service agreements, which are designed to ensure the readiness of your medical equipment at all times.

ZEISS financial solutions

Support with tight budgets

Want the latest technology from ZEISS but have a tight budget? ZEISS Financial Solutions may well have the right financing options for you.

ZEISS VISULAS green at a glance

Equipment-related workflow distractions during your laser therapy are not only cumbersome, but they can also influence your laser treatment performance. That's precisely why we developed ZEISS VISULAS green.

  • Maximize your focus with InsightView and TouchControl elements
  • Increase your workflow efficiency with automated documentation and customized protocols
  • Expand your practice capabilities with modular laser workspace design

VISULAS green from ZEISS

Unmatched workflow efficiency in laser therapy

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