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innovationMADE BY ZEISS

Confirm vessel patency.



Visualize tiny lymph vessels.


Introducing a complete package for complex reconstructive surgery


Whether you need to quickly confirm the success of an anastomosis, work at high magnification levels or perform procedures that require ergonomic movement: OPMI® PENTERO® 800 from ZEISS offers you a perfect package of superior visualization that is tailored specifically to your needs.

  • Breast Reconstructive Microsurgery

    Breast Reconstructive Microsurgery

    Illuminate the vessels
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    Application video courtesy of Prof. Dr. med. univ. Milomir Ninkovic, Head of the Department of Plastic, Reconstructive, Hand and Burn Surgery, University Clinic, Bogenhausen, Germany

    Intraoperative Fluorescence
    Confirm the success of your anastomosis by intraoperatively assessing vessel patency with ZEISS INFRARED 800.


    Fully integrated
    Switch between white light and infrared visualization with a simple push of a button on the fully integrated ZEISS OPMI PENTERO 800.

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    "Our ZEISS microscope has fantastic versatility, which enables its use beyond anastomosis. We use our ZEISS microscope in super microsurgery, when performing lymphatic surgery, small perforator flaps and in preparation of the pedicle of the flap when dissecting in narrow and deep cavities."

    Prof. Jian Farhadi,
    MD, PD, FMH (Plast), EBOPRAS, St, Thomas Hospital, London, United Kingdom

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    Grab your personal copy of the clinical publications supporting the use of intraoperative fluorescence in reconstructive microsurgery.

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  • Lymphedema Supermicrosurgery

    Lymphedema Supermicrosurgery

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    Application image courtesy of Dr. Mitsunaga Narushima, Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Tokyo University School of Medicine, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

    Note: These images are for illustration purposes only and may not correspond exactly to the effective magnification.

    See more details
    Visualize minute lymph vessels with magnification levels up to 39x to optimize your treatment at sub-millimeter anatomical structures.


    Experience yourself
    Select a magnification level to see the impact on the image shown on the left.


    Magnification with ergonomics
    OPMI PENTERO 800 can be easily adapted to different surgical positions allowing you and your assistant to be as comfortable as possible during long and complex procedures.

    "I use OPMI PENTERO for performing 0.5mm vessel anastomosis using a supermicrosurgical technique. The small microscope head allows me to have a long working distance and focus on the surgical field without stress."

    Dr. Mitsunaga Narushima,
    Department of P&R Surgery, Tokyo University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan

  • Oral and Maxillofacial Microsurgery

    Oral and Maxillofacial Microsurgery

    Maneuverability made easy

    Efficient workflow
    To perfom microsurgeries at complex angles, you need ergonomic working positions and a free-floating maneuverability to assist you in efficient workflow management.


    Realtime decisions
    Combined with INFRARED 800 to assess intraoperative blood flow information and vessel patency, OPMI PENTERO 800 enables surgeons to make decisions in real time.

    "As a ZEISS microscope user for more than 20 years, I have performed different kinds of reconstructive surgeries like all types of perforator flaps for autologous breast reconstruction, H&N and lower limb reconstruction. The optimal combination of movement, magnification and illumination provides me great support in my procedures. The ZEISS microscope has been a valuable tool in our operating room and I have been very satisfied with it."

    Prof. Dr. Jaume Masia,
    Chief, Plastic Surgery Department, Sant Pau University Hospital, Barcelona, Spain


At a glance – the comprehensive visualization package for reconstructive microsurgery.


Enabling fast balancing of the surgical microscope.


Automatically brings the region of interest into sharp focus.


Enabling faster OR set up.

Fully integrated video chain

Assisting in workflow enhancement with a compact OPMI head.

Intraoperative visual assessment

Observe intraoperative blood flow and confirm vessel patency during and post anastomosis with INFRARED 800 from ZEISS.

Magnification > 39 x

Visualize small anatomical details even at sub millimeter levels with Foldable Tube f170/f260, PROMAG and 3-step magnification changer.

Free floating movement

Move ergonomically to observe anatomy at complex angles requiring constant repositioning of surgical microscope.

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