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Brilliant visualization

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High performance


  • Highlights
    OPMI PENTERO 900 highlight

    OPMI PENTERO 900 from ZEISS – The Next Generation

    OPMI® PENTERO® 900 from ZEISS represents the next generation in visualization. Building on the innovations of ZEISS OPMI Pentero introduced in 2004, ZEISS OPMI PENTERO 900 combines award-winning design concepts and new functionalities in a proven, fully integrated surgical microscope. Key functions have been enhanced and new visualization methods integrated, raising ZEISS OPMI PENTERO 900 to a high level of performance.

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    Brilliant Visualization
    • Apochromatic optics
    • Razor-sharp video images in full HD quality
    • Innovative intraoperative fluorescence modules


    High Performance
    • Smooth device handling via touchscreen, handgrips, mouth switch or wireless foot control panel
    • Superior functionality with the Foldable Tube f170/f260
    • AutoBalance™ and AutoDrape® for fast set-up


    Beyond Visualization
    • Interacts with current and emerging workplace technologies (neuromonitoring)
    • Creates an optimal OR experience with workflow conducive features
    • Integrated interface for navigation and neuromonitoring


  • Video Solutions

    Integrated Video Solutions

    The integrated video chain for ZEISS surgical microscopes is the most convenient way to generate images for information, documentation, teaching and presentation purposes. Experience the performance and ergonomic advantages of the surgical microscope without any impairment by cables or bulky video adapters. The integrated control allows management of the video together with the device facilitating a streamlined surgical workflow.

    OPMI PENTERO 900 video solutions

    Application image courtesy of Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

    HD Video Solutions

    • High-contrast, sharp images with the integrated 3-chip HD camera (1080p)
    • Video images with optimized definition and color rendition for high-end surgical imaging through the specially developed camera system for ZEISS OPMI PENTERO 900
    • Light sensitivity of the video camera enables sharp and high-contrast images for intraoperative fluorescence applications (BLUE™ 400 and YELLOW™ 560)
    • Integrated HD Recorder (1080i) can be operated via the touchscreen, the foot control panel or the handgrip of the surgical microscope
    • Videos and images are stored on an integrated hard disk and can also be transferred directly to USB storage media or a shared directory in the Local Area Network (LAN Storage)
    • Storage space can be optimized by using the local editing function. Large HD videos can be easily and quickly edited on the touchscreen of the surgical microscope
    • Standardized data exchange with PACS systems via the integrated DICOM module
    • Integrated 22” monitor provides a brilliant image of the operating field. With the wide viewing angle and the flexible suspension arm, the OR team can observe the procedure comfortably
    • Images of the integrated video device can be connected to secondary monitors or other video systems in the OR using standard video interfaces
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    External Video Components

    To support customer specific requirements, external components can be mounted to the surgical microscope, via standard optical and mechanical interfaces increasing the flexibility and retrofitability of surgical microscope.

    Photo Adapter

    Adapter f 340

    SLR Camera Adapter f = 340 mm

    The SLR adapter f = 340 mm, enabling still image documentation, perfectly fits to the surgical microscope.

  • Options & Accessories

    Intraoperative Fluorescence* from ZEISS

    Image Courtesy of Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

    Image courtesy of Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

    INFRARED 800 from ZEISS

    Intraoperative visual assessment of blood flow and vessel patency during arteriovenous malformation (AVM), bypass and aneurysm surgery.
    INFRARED™ 800 is indicated for use in neurosurgery, plastic and reconstructive procedures and coronary artery bypass graft surgery.

    FLOW 800 intraoperative Fluorescence

    Image courtesy of Yasushi Takagi, MD, PhD, Department of Neurosurgery, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto, Japan

    FLOW 800 from ZEISS

    FLOW® 800 is a unique fluorescence application enabling visual analysis of vascular blood flow dynamics. It compiles INFRARED 800 video sequences into visual maps, diagrams or side-by-side images, enabling an in-depth interpretation of fluorescence videos.



    YELLOW 560 intraoperative Fluorescence

    Image courtesy of Aaron A. Cohen-Gadol, MD, MSc, Indiana University Department of Neurosurgery, Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine, Indianapolis, USA

    YELLOW 560 from ZEISS1

    YELLOW™ 560 visualizes fluorescent dyes in the wavelength range from 540 to 690 nm for additional fields of application. It is the first fluorescence module from ZEISS highlighting fluorescein-stained structures while viewing non-stained tissue in color. Optionally available in HD quality.


    1 Obtained within scope of a clinical investigation.

    BLUE 400 intraoperative Fluorescence

    Image courtesy of Walter Stummer, MD, PhD, Department of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Muenster, Muenster, Germany

    BLUE 400 from ZEISS

    BLUE™ 400 supports intraoperative identification of high-grade gliomas. It is the first fully microscope-integrated fluorescence module designed as a result of a successfully conducted Phase III multi-center study.2

    2 Stummer W, Pichlmeier U, Meinel T et al: Fluorescence-guided surgery with
    5-aminolevulinic acid for resection of malignant glioma: a randomised controlled multicentre phase III trial. Lancet Oncol 7: 392-401, 2006

    MultiVision Data Navigation

    DICOM and MultiVision Modules

    ZEISS OPMI PENTERO 900 offers comprehensive connectivity with workplace technologies and data management functionality. Integrated modules like MultiVision™ and DICOM ensure a seamless connection with other visualization devices and into the hospital’s communication infrastructure, respectively.

    Foldable Tube f170 f260

    Foldable Tube f170/f260

    The flexible Foldable Tube f170/f260 offers increased positioning capability, magnification and user comfort. With a quick dial turn, the integrated PROMAG™ functionality provides an additional 50 percent magnification gain.

    Foldable Tube f170 f260

    ZEISS 3-step Magnification Changer

    Achieve further increase in magnification for applications requiring
    sub-millimeter visualization with the ZEISS 3-step Magnification Changer.

    Stereo Co-observation

    Stereo Co-observation Tube

    The stereo co-observation tube enables a second surgeon to see the surgical field at the same magnification level as the primary surgeon. This is particularly suitable for sterile assistants or for training.

    OPMI drapes visionguard

    Drapes with VisionGuard Lens

    Surgical Drapes from ZEISS are manufactured with VisionGuard®, a unique, optical lens that works with the surgical microscope’s objective like a single optical unit to ensure optical clarity. The lens can be replaced with a new sterile lens during surgery without compromising sterility.


    Wireless Foot Control Panel

    The wireless foot control panel, designed to manage multiple functions of the surgical microscope, can be freely positioned for rapid set up and user convenience during surgery. The intelligent power management function ensures long-lasting operability.

    *Please use the fluorescent agent as per the approval status for the application in your country.

  • Technical Data
    Rated Voltage (115 V): 100 V–125 V
    (230 V): 220 V–240 V
    Current Consumption max. 1.200 VA
    Rated Frequency 50 Hz–60 Hz
    Weight of System
    max. 365 kg
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    Support whenever you need it

    Do you rely on high system availability? If your answer is yes, then why not consider our ZEISS OPTIME service agreements, which are designed to ensure the readiness of your medical equipment at all times.

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    REMOTE Service from ZEISS

    Expert assistance from afar

    Do you need immediate service support? ZEISS Remote Service offers online support for customers with ZEISS OPTIME advanced and ZEISS OPTIME complete agreements.

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    Financial Solutions from ZEISS

    The smart way to acquire ZEISS technology

    Want the latest technology from ZEISS despite a tight budget? ZEISS Financial Solutions might have the right financing options for you.

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    Brochure Downloads

    DICOM Connection Data Recording Sheet

    page(s): 4
    file size: 147 kB

    OPMI Pentero 900 from ZEISS

    page(s): 12
    file size: 4,444 kB

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