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ZEISS offers you convenient digital services to make ordering of ZEISS medical products as easy as possible. Order and manage your surgical products with just a few clicks. Monitor your consignment stock, track your orders and schedule your surgical procedures more easily. Access all ZEISS digital services with a standard web browser, 24/7 and free of charge.



ZEISS provides professional on-site as well as on-line training held by experienced and certified trainers. You are welcome to attend one of our courses in the field of ophthalmology. Join our courses and learn more about our products.



Vision Simulation Tool

This interactive tool enables you to explain the different IOL categories by simulating pre- and postsurgical visual experience. It helps you to guide your patients through the decision for the IOL type, providing the best individual fit. Start integrating the Vision Simulation Tool into your patient consultation now!



With Z CALC, ZEISS offers a reliable, easy and fast online toric IOL calculation tool. It provides immediate post-operative refraction data for excellent outcomes and satisfied patients. Use Z CALC and receive accurate calculations of your ZEISS toric IOLs now!


Lens Constants

Highly accurate IOL power calculation requires optimization of lens constants. Import optimized ULIB lens constants into the ZEISS IOLMaster with this tool.


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