Advanced visualization techniques and high magnification in restorative dentistry

Webinar recorded at ZEISS Dental Week 2021

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Dr. Javier Tapia Guadix, DDS, CG Artist

Madrid, Spain


Peer-to-peer experience sharing on standard tools in restorative protocols that improve the ultimate quality and durability of treatments

Restorative dentistry represents the basis of daily treatment in the dental office. The quality and long-term success of the restorative treatments are strongly linked to the capacity of the operator to control all the parameters involved. From the isolation steps to the adhesive procedures and the surface finishing, all the steps require special attention to detail. The use of advanced visualization techniques such as fluorescence and cross polarization, when combined with the high magnification provided by dental microscopes, offers a new dimension of control over these treatments. Assisted caries detection, resin detection, and shade visualization without glare are just some of the advantages that these new technologies provide. As such, they quickly became a standard tool in our restorative protocols that improve the ultimate quality and durability of our treatments.

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