Important software update information

ZEISS instruments compatibility with Windows 10*

If you own a computer running Windows® 7 or 8 operating systems, you might have received an invitation from Microsoft® to reserve a free upgrade for Windows 10. The ZEISS Development Team evaluated the Windows 10 deployment process and recommends caution during the initial release of the operating system to avoid user compromises.

Please be advised that at this time the Windows 10 upgrade should not be installed on ZEISS devices. If installed, such an upgrade may limit the functionality of the device and the ZEISS software. FORUM version 4.1 and CIRRUS Review 9.5.1 or greater are tested and fully compatible with Windows 10.

To ensure effective support for ZEISS medical devices, our product development plans are aligned with Microsoft’s lifecycle policy. We will be offering product-specific upgrades, and we will keep you informed regarding their release as they become available.

*This Customer Notification is only applicable to ZEISS ophthalmic diagnostic instruments and software.