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Professional IT Services

Optimal IT support from implementation to operation

Professional IT Services

Introducing FORUM® from ZEISS is a very important step towards improving your workflow and overall effectiveness. But FORUM is not just a central storage solution for ophthalmic test results or simply a comprehensive software solution for eye care data management. Combined with your Hospital Information System (HIS) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR), FORUM can do much more. It can also provide all your existing images and patient data. However, using FORUM at its optimum requires a lot of experience and practice in combining the different IT systems involved and in operating the correct interfaces and methods. Therefore, ZEISS offers Professional IT Services. Please find below some additional information on the various offerings.

System Integration

System Integration is offered in order to connect an EMR system, HIS or diagnostic system such as CIRRUS™ to FORUM. This enables the optimization of workflows because all available data and information can be used immediately – eliminating the repeated keying in of the patient’s demographic data. By combining the system with HIS or EMR, all patient images and detailed data acquired will be available at all times. Paper-based solutions are rendered obsolete, thus improving diagnostic quality immediately.

Data Migration

Data cleanup service: Data from legacy systems (ZEISS or other OEMs) must be available in FORUM in order to enable the seamless integration of all available patient information. All data from multiple systems is gathered and converted into a specific format to be used by FORUM. Data cleansing or data consolidation may be carried out during this process in order to further optimize the workflow.


Consulting: Before you decide to optimize your workflow, you may need to ask an expert how to arrange a complex IT landscape and how to optimize your processes. Our ZEISS experts offer extensive IT knowledge and experience from a large number of projects.

Project Management

Project Management: Our customers often need support in managing such an IT project. This is especially true in complex settings such as an eye hospital with several different diagnostic, treatment and care systems to be combined. This support is what ZEISS experts can provide.

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