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ZEISS Remote Service for medical equipment

Your challenge

Given the complexity of today’s medical software and hardware, everyone requires professional assistance sooner or later. When a technical issue needs to be resolved, the sooner the problem is solved, the better. After all, every minute spent waiting for support to arrive is lost time and money. Today, there are a number of services that can be performed remotely and no longer require an on-site visit by a service technician.

Remote Service

Our solution

ZEISS Remote Service offers fast, qualified assistance for a large variety of service needs. With the help of a secure and encrypted network connection, the dedicated ZEISS team of specialists can provide immediate support. The wide range of remote services includes software installation and updates, application help as well as real-time assistance on demand. As such, ZEISS Remote Service can help prevent service issues from occurring at all.


  • Fast remote service support, including remote installation and software assistance, inspections, instrument training and real-time observation
  • An easy-to-download, secure, encrypted connection requiring no installation to ensure data privacy
  • Expert ZEISS Remote Service available for the following ZEISS products: CALLISTO eye®, CIRRUS™ HD-OCT 500, CIRRUS™ HD-OCT 5000, FORUM®, Humphrey® Field Analyzer 3, IOLMaster® 500, IOLMaster® 700, OPMI® PENTERO® 800, OPMI® PENTERO® 900, Stratus OCT™ *, Visante® omni*, VISUCAM® 200, VISUCAM® 500, VISUPAC®
  • Convenient Remote Service client downloads in English and German

Our specialists are available for you online on your screen via Netviewer


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Remote Service (German)
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Remote Service (English)
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* ZEISS Remote Service available on request.