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Customer Care at ZEISS goes far beyond the manufacturer‘s warranty. We are committed to helping you optimize your operations in every respect with comprehensive and innovative service packages. That‘s what ZEISS OPTIME is all about.

Supporting highest system availability over the long term. For smooth and efficient clinical workflows. With the backing of dedicated and reliable assistance from an experienced and trusted partner. Find out which ZEISS OPTIME offering best suits to your needs on the following pages. 

OPTIME Preventive maintenance Service hotline Performance updates Corrective maintenance Remote Service Technical support Spare parts


● Included

OPTIME complete from ZEISS

True to its name, this package covers all service deliverables needed to benefit from maximum system uptime and convenience, including spare parts coverage.


OPTIME advanced from ZEISS

This package provides solid support to uphold workflow efficiency. However, it does not cover spare parts.


OPTIME prevent from ZEISS

As a basic support package, it helps increase system lifetime and reliability and ensures that your system is working to specification.