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The investment into state-of-the-art medical devices is a decision that is not purely based on technical performance, but also on their contribution to the overall quality of care and workflow efficiency. Our courses are designed to help medical practitioners, hospital personnel, optometrists and technical assistants getting the optimum out of their instruments.

Through a variety of educational opportunities, healthcare professionals can get guidance on most effectively using ZEISS products and solutions in the clinical context, thereby avoiding problems and unnecessary loss of time.

Expand your expertise with the comprehensive training and education portfolio of ZEISS ACADEMY.

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ZEISS provides professional on-site as well as on-line training held by experienced and certified trainers. You are welcome to attend one of our courses in the field of ophthalmology.

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Visit our courses and experience for yourself the fascination of the microscope in dentistry. We offer an excellent training program with top-class speakers at exceptional locations.

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Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT)

The TARGIT Academy offers a holistically first hand training course including an intensive hands-on training which is conducted on a peer-to-peer basis from experts for experts in the field of IORT/ electronic brachytherapy.

Clinical Education