Benefits of surgical and dental microscopes

For a better view

Surgical and dental microscope technology from ZEISS makes details and fine structures clearly visible. It enables you to better visualize the regions of interest and consistently provide your patients with high-quality examinations and treatments.

For better ergonomics

A surgical and dental microscope can help you adopt a relaxed posture during treatment. The comfortable, upright position prevents rapid fatigue and protects against a stiff neck and sore back over the long term.

Create more trust

A picture is worth a thousand words. Explain your examination, the treatment and the results to your patient to ensure a thorough understanding of the benefits of the procedure. Through your step-by-step explanation, you foster a higher level of trust between you and your patient. After all, seeing is believing.

For better integration

Surgical and dental microscopes from ZEISS fit seamlessly into virtually any practice workflow. The technology is completely integrated in the suspension arm for a well-balanced architecture.


Surgical and dental microscopes

The systems combine optical quality with working and operating comfort. In addition to an ergonomic design, they feature many functions for examination and treatment.

Medical loupes

A wide range of magnification levels and working distances are available with medical loupes from ZEISS.

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Explore digital and clinical workflows with ZEISS EXTARO 300

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