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Slit Lamp Accessories for
SL 115 Classic, SL 120, SL 220 and SL 130

  • Highlights

    SL Imaging Module

    Convenient documentation

    Applanation Tonometer AT 020 and AT 030

    Compact and practice-proven
  • Overview

    A wide range of accessories available for your ZEISS Slit Lamp

    From measurement to documentation and laser therapy, a broad spectrum of optional accessories is available for your slit lamp. If you are looking for more patient comfort, improved ergonomics or imaging solutions, learn more about suitable options for your ophthalmic workstation now.


      SL 115 Classic SL 120 SL 220 SL 130
    SL Imaging Solution SL cam 5.0 – SL 115 x      
    SL cam 5.0 – SL 120/130   x   x
    SL cam 5.0 – 20/30 SL     x  
    SL cam 5.0 – beam splitter
      x x x
    Additional accessories for Imaging Solution USB foot switch x x x x
    Optional USB camera cable 3 m    x x x x
    DigiCam Illuminator x x x x
    SL Workstation (22" panel-PC) x x x x
    Applanation tonometer AT 020 with measuring prism    x x   x
    AT 030 with measuring prism      x x x
    Tube Parallel tube   x x x
    Convergent tube   x x x
    Eyepiece 10x eyepiece x x   x
    12.5x eyepiece   x x x
    10x eyepiece for length and angle measurement x x   x
    Ergonomics Fixation light x x x x
    ACCENTO® ergo tube   x   x
    ACCENTO® vario       x
    Hygiene accessories Breath shield x x x x
    Paper for chin cup x x x x
    Instrument tables IT 760 (120 V, 50/60 Hz or 230 V, 50/60 Hz) x x x x
    IT 1060 (120 V, 50/60 Hz or 230 V, 50/60 Hz) x x x x
    Others Coobservation accessory   x x x
    Barrier filter (yellow) integrated x integrated x
    Focus rod   x x x
  • Ergonomics

    ACCENTO ergo tube

    The optional ACCENTO® ergo tube enables work with minimum neck strain. This accessory can only be used for the SL 120 slit lamp and the SL 130 slit lamps. It is only applicable to the SL 120 slit lamp with an additional accessory like beam splitter or Barrier filter (yellow). Regarding the SL 130 slit lamp, it is usable without any restrictions.

  • Imaging Solution
    SL Imaging Module

    SL Imaging Module

    As an integral part of every ZEISS slit lamp, it easily captures high-quality images and videos. It provides eye care professionals with a consistent and comprehensive means for documenting examination results.
    SL Imaging Module

    DigiCam System

    DigiCam System

    The high light transmission and high-quality optic of the DigiCam System provide optimum conditions to adapt consumer cameras to the slit lamp for overview. The DigiCam Illuminator ensures homogenous and continuous illumination of the area surrounding the slit.

    DigiCam System

    For detailed information about the most suitable documentation solution for your ZEISS Slit Lamp, please contact your local sales representation for retro-fitting option.

  • Downloads

    SL Imaging Module from ZEISS

    Convenient documentation

    page(s): 6
    file size: 443 kB

    SL Imaging Module from ZEISS

    Fully-integrated slit lamp camera

    page(s): 2
    file size: 183 kB

    SL Imaging Module from ZEISS

    Easy upgrade kit

    page(s): 2
    file size: 174 kB

    Applanation Tonometers AT 020 and AT 030 from ZEISS

    Compact and practice-proven

    page(s): 2
    file size: 175 kB

    ACCENTO vario

    Enhance your stereoscopic observation

    page(s): 2
    file size: 100 kB

    Instrument Tables

    IT 1060 and IT 760

    page(s): 2
    file size: 208 kB

    SL 115 Classic from ZEISS

    page(s): 4
    file size: 348 kB

    SL 220 Slit lamp from ZEISS

    Bright performance

    page(s): 4
    file size: 288 kB

    SL 130 Slit Lamp from ZEISS

    Top of the line

    page(s): 4
    file size: 422 kB

    Slit lamp excellence

    SL 115 Classic, SL 120, SL 220 and SL 130 from ZEISS

    page(s): 8
    file size: 707 kB

For the full range of slit lamp accessories, please contact your local ZEISS sales representative.

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