Glaucoma Solutions
inspirationMADE BY ZEISS
Helping to deliver the best patient care in glaucoma. Glaucoma Solutions from ZEISS
inspirationMADE BY ZEISS
Imaging ultra-wide without compromise. ZEISS CLARUS 500

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Humphrey Field Analyzer 3 - The Gold Standard In Perimetry
Streamlining your clinic flow. ZEISS Humphrey Field Analyzer (HFA3)

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Glaucoma Workplace
Simplifying the complex. ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace

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HFA Connect Computer Screen

With instruments that have set clinical standards, a market leading suite of glaucoma analysis applications, as well as therapeutic lasers and surgical visualization solutions we support the diagnosis and management of glaucoma end-to-end.

Medical professional looking at Glaucoma Workplace Screen

Glaucoma Diagnostics

Glaucoma Workplace from ZEISS visually combines CIRRUS HD-OCT and Humphrey® Field Analyzer (HFA) visual field test data into an easily read side-by-side dashboard. This configuration gives you on-demand access to visual fields, OCT scans and structure-function results wherever you are, whenever you want – including your office, at a workstation, or in the examination lanes. This single dashboard provides you with the data analysis you need to guide your assessments of your patient’s change and progression.

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Doctor looking through YAG oculus

Glaucoma Therapy

VISULAS therapeutic lasers and OPMI surgical microscopes offer advanced treatment options, and Cirrus HD-OCT and Humphrey® perimeters enable treatment follow-up as well as on-going disease management.

Therapeutic Lasers

Surgical Microscopes