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FORUM Clinical Displays for Glaucoma
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ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace
Simplifying the complex. ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace

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Simplifying the complex

Glaucoma Workplace from ZEISS

ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace visually combines CIRRUS HD-OCT and Humphrey® Field Analyzer (HFA) visual field test data into an easily read side-by-side dashboard. This configuration gives you on-demand access to visual fields, OCT scans and structure-function results wherever you are, whenever you want – including your office, at a workstation, or in the examination lanes. This single dashboard provides you with the data analysis you need to guide your assessments of your patient’s change and progression.

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FORUM30 CD Glaucoma OS

Review cases with preconfigured Clinical Displays which provide e.g. the relevant diagnostic data for a glaucoma assessment 1

FORUM30 CD Glaucoma OS

Clinical Displays for glaucoma 
FORUM Clinical Displays for glaucoma offer specific clinical views e.g., for glaucoma diagnosis, glaucoma progression and glaucoma management. The benefits for clinical users include:

  • Case-specific pre-selection of data and clinical views
  • Saves time in finding relevant reports and priors
  • Combines Visual Field reports, OCT reports and fundus images into a single screen
  • Also includes the single page HFA-CIRRUS Combined Report, if available 

FORUM Clinical Displays are specifically designed for clinicians to optimize their day to day workflow.    

Learn more about our FORUM offerings

For more detailed information about FORUM, please visit the product page that gives an overview about our offerings, available options and accessories, the technical data as well as our service portfolio, videos and downloadable materials.

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