Comprehensive clinical insights. Save time and space. ZEISS CIRRUS photo
reliabilityMADE BY ZEISS
Comprehensive clinical insights. Save time and space. ZEISS CIRRUS photo
reliabilityMADE BY ZEISS
cirrus photo visulatizations

CIRRUS photo

Versatile visualizations

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Cirrus HD-OCT
Certainty meets versatility. CIRRUS Photo

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CIRRUS photo

One system for fundus imaging and OCT

Broader clinical insights, greater diagnostic certainty and added practice value – CIRRUS™ photo from ZEISS delivers all that in a single, integrated system for both fundus imaging and OCT. CIRRUS photo combines a full mydriatic/non-mydriatic fundus camera with proven CIRRUS HD-OCT technology in one compact and highly versatile system. Available in two models, CIRRUS photo 600 and CIRRUS photo 800, it provides multiple insights for comprehensive retina and posterior segment care.

Visualize findings from various modalities. Correlate data from high-density OCT cubes, thickness and layer maps with results from superb color fundus images as well as fundus autofluorescence and fluorescein angiography* images. All in one convenient sitting.

Achieve a more comprehensive clinical evaluation. Save time and space.
Enhance the examination experience for your patients and staff.

Integrated OCT and Fundus imaging in one system.



  • Highlights
    doctor uses CIRRUS photo with patient

    Broader Clinical Insights

    By simultaneously providing high-quality fundus images and OCT scans, the ZEISS CIRRUS™ photo delivers a carefully constructed set of advanced capabilities that deliver better diagnostics faster for broader clinical insights, greater diagnostic certainty, and added practice value. Together, they enable you to characterize and examine the patient’s condition more completely and easily.  

    Interactive review

    Based on precise registration, the system's one-of-a-kind MultiMode Navigator enables interactive analysis of registered fundus images and OCT scans including HD Line Raster scans.

    Multimodal assessments

    CIRRUS photo allows you to conduct examinations with various modalities and to correlate the findings at one single workstation. Every fundus image can also be registered to OCT cube scans independently of the acquisition sequence, allowing other flexible combinations.

    Customizable Workflow Capture

    Preconfigure your commonly used imaging protocols with new customizable capture workflow on CIRRUS photo. Increases flexibility, optimizes workflow, easier to use, and automates your routine workflow for peace of mind.

    Fundus Autofluorescence (FAF) Mode

    The FAF capture capability is available on all CIRRUS photo 800 and 600 units. FAF images emphasize retinal irregularities as a result of increased lipofuscin in a simple black & white image. FAF offers more clinical insights for your patients with dry AMD, retinal detachments, and CSCR.

    Orientation at a glance

    Thumbnails provide at-a-glance insights, for a quick overview or point-by-point comparisons.

    Enhanced Depth Imaging (EDI) Mode

    Better visualize the details of choroidal structures with the new Enhanced Depth Imaging tool (EDI).  

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    Patients and doctor monitor

    Greater diagnostic certainty

    Comprehensive, high-quality diagnostics form the basis for informed decisions. With its superb multimodality visualizations, CIRRUS photo delivers exceptional insights, supporting greater diagnostic accuracy and certainty.

    Extraordinary image quality

    CIRRUS photo features standard-setting CIRRUS HD-OCT technology and a full-featured mydriatic/nonmydriatic fundus camera. The result – visualizations of a quality that is truly extraordinary.

    Algorithm excellence

    ZEISS and its research collaborators have developed advanced algorithms to measure and display layers.

    Accurate centering

    FoveaFinder™ and AutoCenter™ automatically ensure that measurements are made in the proper locations, taking the pressure off the operator to perfectly center the scans.

    Comparison capabilities

    CIRRUS data cubes are automatically registered with data from prior visits, allowing for more detailed comparisons.

    Normative databases

    Diversified normative databases for ONH, RNFL and macular thickness facilitate even more at-a-glance assessments.

    Specific fundus details

    Enabling efficient cross-modality analysis, CIRRUS photo allows easy switching between fundus images registered with OCT scans and maps.

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    Added practice value

    As a highly efficient and versatile instrument, CIRRUS photo offers substantial value. In addition to streamlining your workflow and
    supporting more comprehensive assessments, it saves time and space.
    By eliminating the need to move patients to another instrument, it also enhances the examination experience – for patients and practice staff alike.

    More clinical efficiency

    With CIRRUS photo, you can add a color fundus image to an OCT examination for additional assessment – in seconds and without additional dilation.

    More practice efficiency

    The ability to capture all necessary fundus images and HD-OCT scans in a single patient setup saves you time and space. As such, CIRRUS photo is ideally suited for comprehensive practices working with or without angiography.

    More time for patients

    Easy, convenient and operator-independent storage of CIRRUS photo data is provided by FORUM®. Via the FORUM Archive & Viewer, you can effortlessly exchange examination results with EMR systems and other diagnostic instruments – even with other practice sites.

    More flexibility

    Featuring a modular design, CIRRUS photo lets you individually choose the diagnostic modalities and clinical insights best suited for your practice needs – whether OCT, color and red-free fundus imaging, fundus autofluorescence, fluorescein angiography, ICG angiography, and anterior segment.

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    CIRRUS photo

    One system for fundus imaging and OCT

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  • Technical Data

    CIRRUS photo 600/800

    Main system

    Field angle 45° and 30°
    Pupil diameter ≥ 4.0 mm; ≥ 3.3 mm (30° small pupil mode)
    ≥ 2.0 mm for OCT scans only
    Refractive error compensation +35 D … -35 D, continuous
    Working distance 40 mm (patient’s eye – front lens)
    Fixation targets External and internal
    Internal Attention mode and free position or programmed sequences
    Database Patient information and images with field angle, FA time, R/L recognition and date of visit are stored
    Monitor  23” TFT (1920 x 1200)
    Instrument table Asymmetric, suitable for wheelchairs
    Accessories Network printer, sliding keyboard shelf, network isolator,
    FORUM eye care data management system

    Fundus camera

    Capture modes

    Color, red-free, blue, red and fundus autofluorescence pictures,
    as well as pictures of the anterior segment,
    CIRRUS photo 800 only: + fluorescein angiography and ICG angiography
    Filters Filters for green, blue and fundus autofluorescence images, UV/IR barrier filters
    CIRRUS photo 800 only: + FA + ICGA: exciter and barrier filters
    Capture sequence From 1.5 seconds (depends on flash energy)
    Capture sensor CCD 5.0 megapixels
    Xenon flash lamp 16 flash levels (30 Ws)
    CIRRUS photo 800 only: 24 flash levels (80 Ws)


    Spectral domain OCT
    Optical source Superluminescent diode (SLD), 840 nm
    Scan speed 27,000 A-scan per second
    A-scan depth 2.0 mm (in tissue), 1024 points
    Resolution Axial 5 μm (in tissue), transverse 15 μm (in tissue)


    Operating system  Windows Embedded
    Hard drive Storage of over 30,000 fundus images with OCT cube scans (present size: 320 GB)
    Interfaces USB ports and network connectors, DVI port
    Export/import Image formats: BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PNG
    Patient list, DICOM MWL, DICOM storage


    Main unit 410 mm x 480 mm x 680 mm (W 16.1 x D 18.9 x H 26.8 inches)
    Weight (main unit) 33 kg (72.7 lbs)
    Rated voltage 100 … 240 V ±10%
    Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
    Power consumption 400 VA (w/o instrument table)
  • Data Review

    CIRRUS photo Review Software

    The CIRRUS™ photo Review Software Package enables dynamic viewing of CIRRUS photo fundus images and OCT data in your exam room or a remote location.

    Convenient diagnosis

    Allows detailed analysis of data in your office, patient exam lane or research center including comparison of fundus images , Ganglion Cell Analysis, and Advanced RPE Analysis.

    Combined analysis

    Supports change and progression analysis between CIRRUS HD-OCT and CIRRUS photo data for true workflow flexibility.

    CIRRUS photo Clinical displays

    At-a-glance Review

    Clinical displays

    Facilitates a fast diagnosis and smooth patient education by case-specific reviews.

    CIRRUS photo Review Software

    Analysis at your fingertips

    Review Software Components

    • CIRRUS Review Software: Dynamic analysis of OCT data
    • FORUM Viewer: Fundus image and report review
    • FORUM Archive: Centralized storage of CIRRUS photo raw data

    Minimum System Requirements


      Review Stations1
    Central Archive1,2
    Network Speed
    100 Mbps or greater local area network (LAN)
    100 Mbps or greater local area network (LAN)
    Operating System
    Windows 7 (64-bit) SP1,
    or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64 Bit)
    Windows 7 (64-bit) SP1,
    or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (64 Bit)
    Intel® CoreTM i5-750
    Intel® CoreTM i7

    8 GB RAM free
    8 GB RAM free
    If additional FORUM archive features shall be used (e.g., Retina Workplace), please increase the amount of RAM by 8GB.
    Available Storage
    20 GB
    1 TB free hard drive storage
    per CIRRUS photo instrument
    is recommended
    1280 x 800 pixels and 32-bit color
    Graphics card
    256 MB RAM
    DirectX 9.0c
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    CIRRUS photo

    Certainty meets versatility

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    file size: 17,731 kB

    ZEISS Progression Analysis Tools

    Managing your glaucoma patients with certainty

    page(s): 2
    file size: 308 kB

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  • 1 Please note that review station and archive server hardware are not included.
  • 2 May also be used as a review station, if review station requirements are met.