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IORT Service

The IORT Service for INTRABEAM® from ZEISS is an individual service package consisting of specialized service units according to customer requests, a straightforward device loaner concept and regular on-site inspections. With this concept an exact performance of the radiation source can be ensured at the customer's site.

IORT Service Modules

Basic Maintenance

Basic Maintenance

With basic maintenance we define all necessary service work to ensure the optimal performance of the X-ray source (XRS). It includes inspection and maintenance of the XRS (every year) and of the quality assurance tools, e.g. dosimeter and ion chamber, (every two years) at the ZEISS factory. During these intervals wearing parts of the XRS are checked and replaced if necessary. 

Components on loan

Components on Loan

In order to minimize system down-time during transportation and maintenance periods in the works ZEISS provides appropriate components on loan. This applies both during the annual inspection as well as during any repairs which may be needed.

On-Site inspection

On-site Inspection

Technicians of the ZEISS Service conduct an extensive inspection of the entire system on the client’s premises once a year. Once the inspection of the XRS has been completed, the mechanical and electrical safety testing of the highly flexible ZEISS NC32 INTRABEAM Floor Stand is performed which is an important part along with the functional testing.