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More than 3 million
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Laser Vision Correction from ZEISS

A broad portfolio in refractive surgery

From the start, ZEISS played an instrumental role in helping to advance corneal surgery. Today, ZEISS offers one of the most comprehensive Laser Vision Correction portfolios in the industry, including PRK, LASIK, SMILE® and PRESBYOND® as a solution for the patient group with presbyopia. We always follow our mission to create better vision standards for everyone, while also enabling you to provide better choices and the right solution in refractive surgery to any eligible patient.

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A broad portfolio to grow your business


Laser Vision Correction


During PRK, the central epithelial layer of the eye is completely removed, making it possible for the ZEISS MEL® 90 excimer laser to ablate the cornea and correct the refractive error.


During LASIK, the ZEISS VisuMax® femtosecond laser or a microkeratome creates a flap that is folded back. After the ZEISS MEL® 90 excimer laser has done the corneal shaping, the flap is then repositioned on the eye.


With SMILE®, the ZEISS VisuMax® femtosecond laser creates a lenticule inside the cornea and a small incision in one single step. The lenticule is then manually extracted through the access cut by the surgeon.


Laser Vision Correction




Treatment type



PRK with
alcohol or mechanical



Small Incision Lenticule Extraction





Refractive condition





















* presbyopic patients
** depending on local approval

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Benefits of the Laser Vision Correction portfolio from ZEISS

VisuMax MEL 90 combination

Better choices through a broad portfolio

The broad LVC portfolio from ZEISS enables you to choose an appropriate solution for your practice, which helps you to offer a suitable treatment for any of your eligible patients with and without presbyopia.

Business growth with ReLEx SMILE

Business growth opportunities with SMILE and PRESBYOND

Extending your portfolio in refractive surgery also means extending possibilities for your business. Surgeons who already use SMILE® see the potential that it offers for growing their Laser Vision Correction business. SMILE has the potential to increase their revenue due to a higher patient volume. Adding PRESBYOND® to your portfolio you can offer a solution to the fast growing demographic of patients with presbyopia.  

referrals with ReLEx SMILE

SMILE: Minimally invasive with maximum impact

Patients are highly satisfied due to the safety and convenient treatment with SMILE® software. As an all-in-one solution the creation of a flap is avoided. Due to the SMILE patterns it offers the potential for more biomechanical stability of the cornea and no flap-related complications.

PRESBYOND start package

Restart your practice and attract presbyopic patients for laser vision correction. Get your 6-month PRESBYOND demo now!

Excimer laser from ZEISS

Refractive surgery excellence

For decades, the excimer laser has been a proven technology for safe, efficient and effective Laser Vision Correction. It can be used as a solution for a wide range of refractive errors and has defined corneal refractive surgery like no other technology. Best practice examples are the MEL® 90 and PRESBYOND® from ZEISS.

Femtosecond laser from ZEISS

Minimally invasive surgery

This technology made way for additional treatment opportunities – like Small Incision Lenticule Extraction with SMILE®, making it possible for surgeons to treat refractive errors with a minimally invasive solution. With VisuMax® and SMILE, ZEISS offers the first commercially available solution for performing Lenticule Extraction.


ZEISS LVC portfolio benefits at a glance

  • Broad refractive portfolio with PRK, LASIK, SMILE® and PRESBYOND®
  • Right solution for any eligible patient
  • Customized solutions
  • One platform for all major applications
  • Short learning curve for Femto-LASIK users with SMILE
  • Advanced services and practice support

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