Terms of use „embedded content“

by Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

(hereinafter "CZM"), Göschwitzer Straße 51-52, 07745 Jena, Germany

  1. CZM provides digital embedded content only for the user’s own non-exclusive use subject to the following terms of use. Embedded content is such content displayed on the user’s own website via a link to the CZM’s storage location.

  2. An use of the content is restricted to the way the content is provided by CZM. Only the size of the respective content may be adapted in a reasonable way to the format of the user’s website if in accordance with this terms of use. Each further use, modification and/or editing of the content is not permitted.

  3. Sale, rental, sub-licensing and/or other transmission of the content is not permitted.

  4. The use is restricted to the promotion of CZM’s products and/or processes. In the event of non-compliance with this terms of use, CZM reserves the right to cease the provision of the content and reserves any further legal claims (e.g. damage claims). 

  5. The user is obliged to display the information „© Carl Zeiss Meditec AG“ in direct proximity to the content in a clear and well legible manner, if this information has not already been provided by CZM on the respective location.

  6. CZM reserves explicitly the right to modify the content or not provide the content all, at every time and without any prior notice. CZM excludes any liability for any possible damages incurring on the side of the user or third persons. CZM also excludes any liability in the event of any failure of the provision of the content, for example due to technical reasons or due to force majeure.

  7. The user will discharge CZM from any liability for any loss or damages incurred on the side of the user, CZM or any third person by the use of user’s own content alone or in connection with the provided content or incurred by the use of the provided content non-compliant with this terms of use.