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ZEISS Optimizing retinal disease detection, management and treatment

Optimizing retinal disease detection, management and treatment

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Clinical challenges in retina

ZEISS Retina Fast imaging, without compromise

Fast imaging, without compromise

The ability to easily and quickly capture images of the retina for the ever-growing patient volumes is critical for retina practices today.  

ZEISS Retina Seeing wider and deeper

Seeing wider and deeper

There are several disease states such as AMD, RVO, and DR where changes occur in the far periphery. Accurately measuring the extent of pathology with a 360° view of the retina can improve diagnosis and management .

ZEISS Retina Integrating multi-modality data efficiently

Integrating multi-modality data efficiently

The key to meeting the current challenges in retina care is the ability to capture, integrate and transform high-quality data into meaningful analyses that help facilitate enhanced practice workflow and improved patient care.

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