RESIGHT 500 - fundus viewing system


Fundus viewing system

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  • Highlights
    RESIGHT 500 Retina

    Enjoy the beautiful view of the retina landscape

    Carl Zeiss quality optics for a clear, brilliant view of the retina. The varioscope optics support the microscope head to stay in one focal plane once RESIGHT® 500 is engaged.

    RESIGHT 500 two aspheric lenses

    A small turn for a different view

    Fast, convenient and sterile access to a second lens due to the innovative lens turret. A small turn for a different view – between wide field and high magnification.

    RESIGHT safety distance 2

    Patients' health is our no. 1 priority

    Very large protection distance, fundus viewing system will automatically fold up if unintended contact is made with the patient’s eye helping to provide patient health.

    RESIGHT 500 manual focusing

    Economical and convenient

    The intelligent design reduces the amount of optics to be sterilized and thus extends the life time of the system and is beneficial for the investment costs.

    Convenient Surgery

    Manual focusing and manual inversion with Invertertube allow for easy and convenient operation during surgery.

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  • Technical Data

    Parts of the RESIGHT 500 fundus imaging system

    • Focusing unit (manual)
    • Lens support with lens turret for objective lenses with f = 175 mm and f = 200 mm
    • Resterilizable aspheric lenses (60 D and 128 D)

  • Downloads

    RESIGHT Family from ZEISS

    Enjoy the beautiful landscape of the retina

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