Sterile Perfluorocarbons for intraocular applications

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    Sterile Perfluorocarbons for intraocular application

    ZEISS perfluorocarbons are supplied as 100% perfluorinated compound and are free from hydrogen-containing by-products. As a result, ZEISS perfluorocarbons are absolutely non-toxic.
    The high specific weight of ZEISS perfluorocarbons allow easy and efficient intraoperative unfolding of the retina.
    This establishes a good precondition for a subsequent long-term tamponade with gas or silicone oil.

  • Technical Data

    Molecular weight 462 438
    Specific weight (25 °C) 1.92 g/cm³ 1.75 g/cm³
    Specific weight (37 °C) 1.89 g/cm³ 1.73 g/cm³
    Boiling point 142 °C 105 °C
    Vapor pressure (37 °C) 13.5 mmHg 57 mmHg

    Kinematic viscosity (25 °C)

    2.9 cs 0.8 cs
    Refractive index (25 °C) 1.313 1.270
    Surface tension against air (25 °C) 19.0 mN/m 14.0 mN/m
    Interfacial tension against water (20 °C) 57.8 mN/m 55 mN/m
    Storage temperature 2 °C - 30 °C 2 °C - 30 °C

    For intraoperative unfolding of the retina following:

    • retinal detachment
    • PVR
    • PDR
    • giant tears and traumas.
    For short-term retinal tamponade. For removal of luxated lenses and foreign bodies from the vitreous following vitrectomy.
    Composition 100% fluorinated perfluorocarbon, consisting of 96% perfluoro-decalin, 4% perfluoro- alkanes 100% fluorinated perfluorocarbon, consisting of 99% perfluoro-octane isomers, 1% perfluoro-alkanes
    Packaging sterile 5 ml or 7 ml vial, single dose
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