RT SIL-OL 1000 sterile silicone for intraocular application

RT SIL-OL 1000

Sterile silicone oil for intraocular applications

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RT SIL-OL 1000

  • Technical Data

    For long-term tamponade in the surgical treatment of:

    • retinal detachment
    • giant tears
    • traumas
    • 100% ultrapure polydimethylsiloxane
    Physico-chemical data
    • Viscosity (25 °C): 1,050 ± 150 mPas
    • Specific weight (25 °C): 0.97 ± 0.01 g/cm³
    • Refractive index (25 °C): 1.403 ± 0.003
    • OH end group content: ≤ 100 ppm
    • Low molecular components(oligosiloxanes): ≤ 100 ppm
    Heat sterilization in final container
    Packages sizes
    10 ml single-use syringe or vial
    2 °C - 30 °C
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