• Highlights

    The first multifocal MICS IOL worldwide for a 1.8 mm Incision size.
    AT LISA 809M - With th unique LISA concept for much higher patient satisfaction.

    The LISA® concept:

    L · Light distributed asymmetrically between distant (65%) and near focus (35%) for improved intermediate vision and greatly reduced halos and glare

    I · Independency from pupil size due to high performance diffractive- refractive microstructure covering the complete 6.0 mm optical diameter

    S · SMP technology for a lens surface without any sharp angles for ideal optical imaging quality with reduced light scattering

    A · Aberration correcting optimized aspheric optic for better contrast sensitivity, depth of field and sharper vision

  • Details
    Optic Design:

    Multifocal, aspheric (aberration correcting)


    Hydrophilic acrylic (25%)
    with hydrophobic surface

    Optic Diameter:

    6.0 mm

    Total Diameter:

    11.0 mm

    Haptic Angulation:

    Lens Design:

    Single-Piece, diffractive
    +3.75 D add at IOL plane, MICS

    Incision Size:

    1.5 mm

    Company Labeled


    Diopter Range:

    AT LISA® 809M:



    Implantation in:


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    AT LISA 809M and AT LISA 809MP preloaded

    Technical Specifications
    PDF, 668 kB


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