Service & Support

For technical assistance with your ZEISS medical equipment:


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Contact us

You can call us at:
1 (800) 341-6968 for ophthalmic devices
1 (800) 442-4020 for surgical microscopes

Please note: During peak call volume, we encourage you to take advantage of our call back feature. When selecting this feature, your place in line is held, and you will receive a call back from one of our Technicians as soon as one becomes available.

You can email us:
For less urgent requests, you can send a direct message to our specialized teams for a response within 24 hours at the following email addresses.

MCS Product Support:
ZEISS Team Mailbox CZMI Surgical Tech Support: surgicaltechsupport .med .us @zeiss .com

Ophthalmic Product Support:
Team Mailbox CZMI Refractive: refractive .meditec .us @zeiss .com
Team Mailbox CZMI Perimetry: c .perimetry @zeiss .com
Team Mailbox CZMI OCT: c .oct @zeiss .com
Team Mailbox CZMI FUNDUS IMAGING: usafundu simaging @zeiss .com