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Corporate Responsibility

Taking responsibility for its employees, society and the environment has been a key element of the corporate culture at ZEISS since the company's inception. ZEISS is dedicated to the promotion of education in the field of natural science and technology. ZEISS focuses on activities creating added value for patients, doctors, employees and shareholders.


Environmental Protection

The responsible handling of natural resources and the protection of the environment go without saying for us. Environmental protection is part of our corporate policy and is therefore reviewed on an ongoing basis and adapted to changed circumstances.

One example of active environmental protection at ZEISS is the participation of  a ZEISS wide energy-saving program. The aim of this program is to further reduce energy consumption, which in our case consists mainly of lighting and the necessary air-conditioning of the production areas. We also ensure that our suppliers adhere to environmental protection requirements. For example, there is a list of banned substances that is continually updated. This lists materials and substances that may not be used in the production of the components supplied.

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Quality Management

In medical technology, ensuring that products are of the highest quality and having an appropriate system for assuring this quality and compliance with legal requirements is of utmost importance.

Accordingly, ZEISS has registered its Group companies with the responsible national authorities. ZEISS thus fulfills the basic requirements for marketing its products in the European Economic Area, North America, and those countries that have agreements with the European Union in the field of medical products.

Conform to Our Own High Standards

We also consider this to be a significant aspect of responsibility-based management, since it enables us to guarantee that our products everywhere always conform to our own high standards and the requirements of the health authorities in the respective country.

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Social Responsibility

The basic values of the ZEISS brand comprise innovation and social commitment. With extensive development and training programs, fair salaries and other benefits, ZEISS takes responsibility for its employees.

The cornerstone for this commitment was laid in 1889 with the establishment of the ZEISS Foundation which advocated the rights of ZEISS employees – a first step towards institutionalizing social responsibility at ZEISS.

By accepting our social responsibility for the community, ZEISS does support the development of the health care system in developing countries and regions of the world. Vision 2020 is an ambitious project aimed at eliminating preventable blindness.

The ZEISS Foundation
The owner of both Carl Zeiss AG and SCHOTT AG is the ZEISS Foundation (ZEISS-Stiftung).

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Education and Research Grants

Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. proudly supports independent medical research and educational programs that further medical and scientific knowledge, by offering funding and resources to US-based healthcare institutions, academic medical centers, medical societies and national associations.

ZEISS supports progress in medical technology and helps healthcare professionals all over the world search for new ways to improve their patients' quality of life. With a special focus on ophthalmology, ophthalmic surgery and visualization systems in the field of microsurgery, ZEISS helps healthcare professionals set new standards of care with proven medical technology and broad application competence based on cutting-edge innovations.

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