Criteria and Guidelines

Tips, Guidelines and Criteria of what requestors should expect during the process.

  • Requests must be submitted at least 90 or more days in advance of a program, event, or proposed study timelines. 
  • Criteria that have not been met will cause a delay in the process. It is up to the requestor to ensure they have supplied all required criteria promptly.
  • Requestors will receive an email notification of approval or denial after the committee has made its decision and confirmed within divisional budget.
  • Please do not assume that a request has been approved.
  • While we receive many worthwhile requests, unfortunately, due to budget limitations, we are unable to fund them all.
  • It is important to note that past funding does not guarantee future approval and that submissions may be approved at an amount less than the requested amount.
  • The Grants Committee meets twice a month to review all grant / charitable donation applications.
  • The Grants Committee reviews applications against established criteria to assure that proposals are evaluated on their individual merit and without regard to past, present or future purchases of Carl Zeiss products.

WEB.6347 Rev. B