Grants Program

Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. (“ZEISS” or “CZMI”) proudly supports independent medical research, educational programs and charitable projects that further medical and scientific knowledge, by offering funding and resources to US-based health care institutions, academic medical centers, medical societies and national associations. ZEISS supports progress in medical technology and helps healthcare professionals all over the world search for new ways to improve their patients' quality of life. With a special focus on ophthalmology, ophthalmic surgery and visualization systems in the field of microsurgery, ZEISS helps healthcare professionals set new standards of care with proven medical technology and broad application competence based on cutting-edge innovations.

U.S.-based healthcare institutions, medical societies, national associations, academic medical centers and health care providers (HCPs) acting on behalf of U.S. health care institutions who are interested in requesting funding should request an application (see below instructions).

The Grant/Donation Process

1. Grant and Charitable Donation Applications. Requests must be submitted 90 days or more in advance of a program, event, or proposed study timelines. If you do not meet this requirement, your request will automatically be declined.
        a. Requests for application forms must be submitted via this link:
                Grant-Donation Requests
        b. Specific criteria required to be submitted with application
                Education Grant criteria
                Research Grant criteria
                Charitable Donation criteria
        c. Once the request is received, an email is generated to requestor providing an assigned unique number,
            specified criteria as an attachment, and a link to the application form.
            Note: Link to application can only be used once.
        d. Requestor then completes the application and attaches proper supporting information.
        e. Requestor is expected to use the unique number assigned by ZEISS on all its communications
            regarding grant / donation requests.
         f. ZEISS sales/marketing personnel are not to be involved in the grant/donation process.
            All communication regarding grant status is only to be made through the Grants Committee grants .meditec .us @zeiss .com

    2. Grant and Charitable Donation Application Review 
           Criteria and Guidelines
        a. ZEISS Grants Committee will review Grant and Donation applications for compliance.
                i. Education Grants are evaluated for medical education plan alignment and financial need.
                ii. Research Grants are evaluated to determine whether they would improve clinical understanding
                   of Carl Zeiss Meditec’s products and research & development efforts.
                iii. Charitable Donations are evaluated for the advancement of medical science or education relating
                    to vision; indigent care; and patient and public education relating to vision.

    3. Requestor receives approval or denial notification via email.

    4. Grant Approval Contracts
        a. Signed acceptance of CZMI’s Letter of Agreement (LOA), and
        b. Signed applicable Equipment Loan Agreement, and
        c. Signed applicable License Agreement
        d. All agreements must be fully executed and returned to ZEISS at least six (6) weeks prior to the
            program, event or study start date
in order to process the request.

    5. Charitable Donations go through a first review by the Grants Committee and if approved, are
         thereafter submitted to CZMI’s President/CEO for final approval.

         a. Approval is submitted in the form of a letter from CZMI’s President/CEO.
         b. Approval letter must be acknowledged by requestor on organization’s letterhead before any
             charitable donation is processed.

NOTE: The U.S. Physician Payment and Affordable Care Act Open Payments provisions require all medical device manufacturers – like Carl Zeiss Meditec, Inc. – to report annually to the U.S. government payments and transfers of value made to U.S. physicians and teaching hospitals. This could include educational and research grants and charitable donations.