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Customized Laser Vision Correction

Adding advanced Laser Vision Correction procedures like ReLEx® SMILE® from ZEISS to your portfolio enables you to increase the volume of patients in your practice or clinic. The opinions of specialists are clear – when asking cataract and refractive surgeons, 84%1 of them are confident or even very confident that SMILE® can drive significant growth of their practice.

What is your confidence level that SMILE can drive significant
growth of your practice?
  • 53%1 very confident
  • 31%1 confident
  • 12%1 somewhat confident
  • 3%1 somewhat less confident
  • 1%1 not confident

Shamik Bafna, MD from the Cleveland Eye Clinic is a great example of how beneficial a broader portfolio can be for your practice. Watch the full interview with Dr. Bafna to discover how his business changed after adding SMILE to his practice‘s LVC portfolio.

Increasing your patient volume

LVC market share

SMILE is a preferred option for eligible patients and one of the top ranked procedures for clinics that incorporated ReLEx SMILE. Expanding your portfolio with this procedure might result in an increase in your patient volume.

When a growing market becomes an opportunity for your practice

Growing of LVC market

Sixty-seven percent of LVC specialists share the belief that SMILE is capable of growing the LVC market and will not just replace LASIK and PRK.1

Extending your LVC portfolio with SMILE is a valuable step for your business. It allows you to address new groups of patients and convince them with customized procedures.

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