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Patient comfort is key to your success.

Extending your LVC portfolio with SMILE

Knowing what is best for your patients is at the heart of your business. Your current LVC portfolio comprises LASIK and PRK – procedures that have been successfully applied for many years. You have carefully chosen these procedures according to their advantages and your patients’ needs.

Adding ReLEx® SMILE® from ZEISS to your LVC portfolio not only extends your range of procedures to select from, but also offers the opportunity to improve your clinical outcome, as many studies already show. Offering a more comfortable and stress-free patient experience will result in high patient satisfaction.

SMILE provides your eligible patients with high comfort thanks to being a minimally invasive procedure with maximum impact. With ReLEx SMILE, a lenticule and a small incision of 60 or 90 degrees is created inside the cornea, thus transecting fewer corneal nerves. The corneal nerve plexus is responsible for corneal sensation and maintenance of a healthy tear film. Also, the small incision associated with SMILE results in less disruption to the anterior corneal stroma. The anterior stroma of the corneal nerve is thought to be responsible for playing an important role in the biomechanical integrity of the cornea.

Patient comfort to drive your business

A broader LVC portfolio will not only increase your patients’ comfort but will also create business opportunities by addressing new target groups and build on a satisfying clinical outcome. Most importantly, 96%1 of already existing ReLEx SMILE customers rated their clinical satisfaction with SMILE as satisfying or even very satisfying. A study performed by Fernand de Wilde states that 78%1 of patients would recommend SMILE to their family and friends. And 82%1 of patients would even choose SMILE again.

How would you rate your clinical satisfaction with SMILE?

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