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Excellent services from ZEISS

With the purchase of a ZEISS product for your practice, you can profit from further ZEISS services. These services range from training and education to technical services and practice support. The goal is to improve your clinical satisfaction and business success while also creating an excellent patient experience.

ZEISS Clinical Application Support

When extending your Laser Vision Correction portfolio, you automatically benefit from ZEISS Clinical Application Support for refractive lasers. The focus of this program is your success, which can then lead to high patient satisfaction and patient referral. As a refractive surgeon, this program offers you a comprehensive onboarding processes to get familiar with ReLEx® SMILE® from ZEISS.

These onboarding processes for SMILE® consist of different steps. They start off with online as well as offline trainings, followed by preparation visits directly to your practice. In the third step, the first surgeries are performed in the presence of an application specialist. Afterwards, a final debriefing is conducted with all parties involved. If you have completed the whole process, Continuous Application Support will be provided for your practice.

Additionally, all existing customers can continuously draw on our application support with the goal of increasing their businesses’ success through regular clinic visits by our clinical application specialists. There are also different ZEISS refractive training centers in place worldwide for experience exchange and optional peer-to-peer trainings.

SMILE Onboarding Process
SMILE Onboarding Process

Practice support from ZEISS

Besides application support, ZEISS offers services to develop your business beyond clinical outcomes, by focusing more on patient education and the overall patient experience with your practice.

Marketing material to educate your patients

Our services enhance direct communication with patients to successfully position your practice in the market by supporting your patient interactions from first contact to post-surgery. Our marketing materials cover every step of the patient journey: Patient Attraction, Patient Conversion, Patient Referral.

The provided marketing components guide you through communication processes needed for social media, customer events or consultation talks and help you to address patients with just the right message. The package contains materials such as posters, graphics, videos, roll-ups, brochures, pictures, post cards, online banner and PowerPoint templates. Our patient marketing materials educate patients about the different treatment options, providing patients with the information they need to make a well-founded decision.

Depending on your specific needs, we offer supporting tools branded by ZEISS, materials, which can be branded by your clinic or assets to create your own offers.

Improving the overall patient experience

At ZEISS we understand the challenges of growing a refractive practice and partnering with our customers. With our Practice Development Managers we offer you help to grow your business and improve the overall patient experience.

Our Practice Development managers support you with expert advice on healthcare marketing and improving your communication with patients and customer services. ZEISS Practice Development is fully invested in getting the best out of every aspect of your clinic to ensure its longterm success.

• Patient Attraction

Practice Development helps to increase your practice’s number of inquiries by improving the initial touchpoints patients have with your practice.

• Patient Conversion

Practice Development optimizes the way patients are attended to once they have been in your practice. Thus, you will have a higher patient conversion.

• Patient Referral

Practice Development enables you to keep a close connection to your patients after surgery. Therefore, your patients will become ambassadors for your business.

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