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Experiencing zero-energy lens fragmentation.



Lens fragmentation device

The new miLOOP® from ZEISS is a micro-interventional device, designed to deliver zero-energy1 endocapsular lens fragmentation. Using micro-thin super-elastic, self-expanding nitinol filament technology, the ZEISS miLOOP device is designed to offer cataract surgeons the ability to achieve full thickness lens fragmentation for any grade cataract minimizing the intraocular ultrasonic vibrations and phaco power.2


ZEISS miLOOP is engineered to minimize capsular stress by using centripetal, out-in nucleus disassembly while conventional techniques employ centrifugal, in-out lens cutting with adjunct phaco-energy. The ZEISS miLOOP lens fragmentation is done under full viscoelastic chamber stability protection and no simultaneous irrigation and aspiration.

Supporting each step:

Clear corneal micro-incision with ZEISS miLOOP

1. Expands through clear corneal micro-incision using memory shaped super-elastic thin nitinol filament

Zero-energy nuclear disassembly with ZEISS miLOOP

2. Zero-energy1 nuclear disassembly: allows gentle, controlled fragmentation for any cataract grade (1-4+)

Minimal stress of the capsule and zonules with ZEISS miLOOP

3. Smooth endocapsular tracking: designed to apply minimal stress of the capsule and zonules

Cortical sweep and capsular polish with ZEISS miLOOP

4. Cortical sweep and capsular polish: peripheral micro dissection design for cortical release

Now that I know what miLOOP can do for certain segments of my patients, it is an indispensable part of my surgical toolbox.

John Berdahl, MD

I was impressed with miLOOP’s ease of use and its disruptive potential in our space.

Bill Wiley, MD

Watch surgical cases and feedback from surgeons

ZEISS miLOOP. Interviews with Dr. Hoffer and Dr. Roper on maintaining zonular integrity and maximizing effective lens position.

ZEISS miLOOP in cataract case with dense brown lens, Dr. Bennett Walton

ZEISS miLOOP in cataract case with artificial iris & DMEK, Dr. Brandon, D. Ayres

Full-thickness lens fragmentation for any grade cataract and minimizing capsular stress

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