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ZEISS PLEX Elite 9000 and the A R I Network

A new idea is often the start of scientific discovery. But it is transformational new technology that often enables researchers to act upon these ideas and to explore previously unreachable frontiers. PLEX® Elite 9000, Swept-Source OCT from ZEISS*, is such a technology that is bringing together researchers, clinicians and scientists from around the world to help bring meaningful innovation in eye care, today and into the future.

Discover a new world of structural and microvascular clarity of the anatomy of the eye.

With ZEISS PLEX Elite Swept-Source OCT Angiography, clinical researchers now have the potential to see deeper, wider and in more detail from the vitreous to the sclera in the posterior segment.

  • NEW Montage scan acquisition workflow and export features showcase the ability to rapidly acquire an ultra-wide OCT angiography En face montage for unprecedented visualization of retinal vasculature with a field of view up to 70º
  • NEW Ultra-wide 15x9 high-density scan reveals the widest field of view captured in a single OCT angiography scan
ZEISS PLEX Elite 9000 Swept-Source OCTA
Ultra-wide 15x9 AngioPlex map of choroidal neovascular membrane, RPE/RPE Fit layer

Ultra-wide 15x9 AngioPlex® map of choroidal neovascular membrane, RPE/RPE Fit layer;
Image courtesy of Dr. Philip Rosenfeld, Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, FL.

Ultra-widefield AngioPlex montage of proliferative diabetic retinopathy, superficial layer

Ultra-widefield AngioPlex montage of proliferative diabetic retinopathy, superficial layer; Image courtesy of Dr. Jean-François Korobelnik, University Hospital Pellegrin, Bordeaux, France.

Ultra-wide angiography En face montage

Ultra-wide angiography En face montage; Image courtesy of Dr. Giuseppe Querques, San Raffaele Ospedale, Milan, Italy.

Drag each slider side-to-side to track disease progression in this DR patient over just four months. Slide to the right to see the DR patient's first visit image. Slide to the left to see the second image, four months later.

Images courtesy of Dr. Jean-François Korobelnik, University Hospital Pellegrin, Bordeaux, France.

Case Study

Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy

This is a case of a young diabetic patient with severe proliferative diabetic retinopathy in both eyes. The new montage scan acquisition feature on the PLEX Elite 9000 from ZEISS is able to capture ultra-wide OCT angiography images that in this case helped the clinician clearly visualize the significant increase in the proliferation of new vessels in both eyes.

A new era in open innovation

Advanced Retina Imaging Network

Uncovering the undiscovered has always relied upon collaboration. With the A R I Network, ZEISS is creating a fresh discovery paradigm — one that has the potential to rapidly accelerate development by bringing more researchers together in pursuit of discovering innovation that is geared to better support vision care around the world. Watch the video to learn more.

With the A R I Network...

  • Advance the science of the retina by collaborating with leading peers from around the world.
  • Access the latest innovations in retinal imaging technology.
  • Exchange ideas and connect with technology specialists at ZEISS to accelerate development and improve the standard of care.

Innovation through collaboration

A R I Network members share their experience

Pushing the boundaries to advance patient care

Research and technology is only as good as how rapidly it is adopted throughout the world. What you see from this collaborative effort is that it is being adopted throughout the world, on every continent.

Philip Rosenfeld, MD, PhD

What meaningful innovation has already come out of the A R I Network?

Hear what some of our global community members have to say.

Philip Rosenfeld, MD, PhD (A R I Network Steering Committee Chair) — USA

Dr. Philip Rosenfeld

Philip Rosenfeld, MD, PhD
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, University of Miami

Research Interest: Age-related macular degeneration

"By easily identifying non-exudative, subclinical neovascularization in eyes with presumed 'dry' AMD, the PLEX Elite 9000 has changed my definition of 'dry' AMD, changed my understanding of disease progression, and changed the way I follow these patients. In designing clinical trials to test therapies for all stages of 'dry' AMD, we now need to identify these subclinical lesions and stratify for them at baseline to be sure they are well-balanced between treatment arms since the onset of exudation is such an important study endpoint."


Robyn Guymer, MBBS, PhD — Australia

Dr. Robyn Guymer

Centre for Eye Research, University of Melbourne

Research Interest: Age-related macular degeneration

"It is exciting to be able to identify choroidal neovascular complexes in cases of age-related macular degeneration where there was little evidence, based upon our current understanding, that they would be present."

Frank G. Holz, MD — Germany

Dr. Frank G. Holz

Frank G. Holz, MD, F.E.B.O.
Universitäts-Augenklinik, Bonn

Research Interests: Retinal imaging; phenotyping, anatomical and functional clinical endpoint development and validation, pathophysiology and treatments for macular and retinal diseases, pathogenesis and therapy of complex and monogenetic macular diseases including age-related macular degeneration (AMD), macular telangiectasia 2, and retinal vascular diseases

"With the A R I Network, I gain access to applications in various research projects of the most advanced high-resolution imaging modalities, in addition to being part of an international collaboration with outstanding experts in the field."


Peter Kaiser, MD — USA

Dr. Peter Kaiser

Peter Kaiser, MD
The Cleveland Clinic

Research Interests: Age-related macular degeneration

"The amazing aspect of being part of the A R I network is the collaboration with other pioneers throughout the world to develop the best swept-source OCT system. I especially enjoy the close collaboration with the engineers to develop better algorithms to evaluate our patient scans."


Jean-François Korobelnik, MD — France

Dr. Jean-François Korobelnik

Jean-François Korobelnik, MD
Hôpital Pellegrin, University of Bordeaux

Research Interests: AMD, diabetic retinopathy, epidemiology, retinal surgery, vitrectomy, drug development

"Widefield OCT-A and automatic mosaic is definitely the most exciting part. Being able to evaluate the perfusion of the periphery of the retina in a few minutes, without injecting a dye, without moving the patient from one instrument to another, is easy, useful and impressive"


Toshinori Murata, MD, PhD — Japan

Dr. Toshinori Murata

Toshinori Murata, MD, PhD
Shinshu University, School of Medicine

Research Interest: OCT-angiography guided laser treatment

"What excites me the most is being part of an engagement in a global collaborative research on retinal imaging with internationally renowned specialists and exchanging ideas on differing approaches and the prospect of developing a new modality of therapy."


Shift the tide with ZEISS at ARVO 2018.

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Diabetic retinopathy, Age-related macular degeneration, high myopia, optic nerve diseases, and many more...These are just a few of the many areas of collaborative research on the agenda of the A R I Network. Our members are coming together to help develop meaningful innovation that will change the way eye care is practiced, today and in the future. Come shift the tide with ZEISS at ARVO!

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