Leading ENT surgeons talk about "going digital" in the OR

Nowadays the integration of medical devices into an existing digital OR including intuitive documentation possibilities is crucial. Additionally, frequently changing OR teams need equipment that is easy-to-use with an intuitive user interface all set to reduce OR and setup times and faster after-procedure workflows.

See how the future-ready platform TIVATO® 7001 from ZEISS is perceived by ENT experts2 in Europe, North America and Asia. Learn what benefits they identify of an All-Digital system in the OR.

The system is very impressive […] it is very instructive

Prof. Oliver Kaschke, Sankt Gertrauden Clinic Berlin. Germany

Discover how you can go All-Digital in the OR with the ZEISS TIVATO 700 and experience our ZEISS Connect3 and ZEISS Observe App.

Manage surgical data digitally with ZEISS Connect App 

ZEISS Observe App enables streaming in real-time on a mobile device and ZEISS VR ONE Plus glasses.

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