Ultimate Reach & Flexibility


Discover how Ultimate Reach & Flexibility impresses leading Spine Surgeons

Working in the OR often includes different devices and multiple people all inside a small room. A place full of activity with high demands for each set-up and workflow.

Avoid disruptions such as repositioning of the system and limited space while using long instruments, as well as limited space when working under the microscope arm, for more efficient procedures.

Discover how important stability and freedom of movement are for our leading spine experts1 and see how they experienced Ultimate Reach & Flexibility using the TIVATO® 7002 from ZEISS in the OR.

You would like to move the micro, to switch the position with just one hand and that‘s possible and that‘s really useful in the clinical surgical practice.

Prof. Dr. Papavero, Schoen Clinics, Hamburg

Experience for yourself what Ultimate Reach & Flexibility means in a Spine OR.

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