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Today`s surgical landscape is changing at a rapid pace: new treatment modalities, enhanced visualization and brilliant broadcasting are not the only demands. A seamless, undisrupted workflow inside and outside the operating room (OR) is more important than ever.

Learn from leading Spine experts how Workflow-Enhancing Visualization of TIVATO® 7001 from ZEISS enables the use of advanced surgical visualization modalities right at their fingertips that deliver superb image clarity for every procedure.

This [The 4K camera] integrates the possibility that the entire team on the table – the scrub-nurse, the assistant and the surgeon – are fully integrated in the surgical procedure.

Dr. Andreas Korge, Schoen Clinics, Muenchen

First experiences in the OR with ZEISS TIVATO 700

See a preview of the video and register to see how Prof. Dr. Luca Papavero from Schoen Clinics, Munich, performs a microsurgical bilateral decompression surgery with the TIVATO® 700* from ZEISS

Discover the new Workflow-Enhancing Visualization capabilities, including the brilliant optics and depth of field for optimal visualization, even during the most difficult steps of this surgery.

Prof. Dr. Luca Papavero performed several procedures on different patients with the ZEISS TIVATO 700 at the Schoen Clinics in Hamburg, Germany, where he recorded a case performing a microsurgical bilateral decompression on a 73 year old male patient showcasing the benefits of TIVATO 700 from ZEISS. The brilliant optics, including enhanced depth of field as well as the magnification, helped him to work through a small incision, reducing scaring and damage to surrounding tissue.

Brilliant apochromatic optics from ZEISS with enhanced depth of field to focus in deep cavities

Visualize the procedure in 4K to foster cooperation among the surgical team

Choose between TriLED or Xenon light³ source for reliable and powerful illumination within deep channels

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