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Accurately diagnose and stage glaucoma

The standard of care tools to diagnose and monitor glaucoma are an OCT and a visual field test. Both data points are important to establish a baseline and follow-up trends. Using high-performance devices such as the CIRRUS® and HFA® from ZEISS you will minimize testing time, and maximize information.

  • Visualize statistically significant changes with GPA™ for both HFA3 and CIRRUS
  • Streamline your workflow with faster data capture and more efficient analysis
  • Advancing clinical efficiency in glaucoma. CIRRUS 5000 and HFA3 data instantly combines in Glaucoma Workplace powered by FORUM® for structure/function integrated analysis.


AngioPlex® OCT Angiography ushers in a new era of eye care with non-invasive imaging of retinal microvasculature—taking glaucoma and retinal disease management and treatment planning to the next level.

ZEISS HFA3 Perimeter

The gold standard of perimetry, now with SITA Faster expanded testing options and reduced patient test times.

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