ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace

Simplifying the complex

With ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace, you get an overview of your patient’s glaucoma progression to adjust the disease management.

Why choose ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace?

ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace gives you the possibility to see on one screen how your patient’s glaucoma is evolving. Adjust the treatment at the right time and analyze information across generations of data from modalities like HFA, CIRRUS™ HD-OCT and CLARUS® from ZEISS. Improve your glaucoma management and the patient experience with a more efficient patient care.

What are the key benefits of ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace?

Optimize your glaucoma workflow

Multiple functions make ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace a perfect addition to optimize your glaucoma workflow from analysis to diagnosis.

Progression Summary

The Progression Summary displays a quick at-a-glance summary of a patient’s detected progression. It configures the Structure-Function Guided Progression Analysis™ (GPA™) to show specifically where progression has been detected.

Structure-Function Guided Progression Analysis (GPA)

The trend analysis and the event analysis give you the possibility to set a different focus for the analysis of data produced by ZEISS CIRRUS HD-OCT, HFA and CLARUS.

Structure-Function Report

The OCT and visual field data can be integrated in a single report with different focuses like provided in the analysis.

How ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace increases your efficiency and patient experience

Reasons to use the software

Optimize your workflow and disease management by combining data from various sources in one platform. This counts for different generations of data and modalities.
The disease management can easily be adjusted and monitored. The different types of analysis let you quickly identify the progression of your patient and enable you to make the right decision at the right time. That way, you can adjust the treatment as early as possible. With ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace, you can improve your glaucoma management and the patient care.

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What devices work with ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace?

ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace can be used with multiple generations of ZEISS CIRRUS HD-OCT, HFA and CLARUS.

Do I need ZEISS FORUM to use ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace?

Yes, you need FORUM® from ZEISS to use ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace. ZEISS FORUM is the ophthalmic data management solution and ZEISS Glaucoma Workplaces is a clinical plugin that allows you to gain further clinical insights. You can use ZEISS FORUM without ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace but not ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace without ZEISS FORUM.

What happens after I request the demo of ZEISS Glaucoma Workplace?

After you have requested the demo, a sales representative will contact you to schedule a demo session to walk you through the software. There you can ask all your questions concerning the program and see all possibilities for yourself with demo cases.

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ZEISS FORUM is a scalable and flexible ophthalmic data management solution that facilitates clinical case visualization by preparing ophthalmic data and images in a way that lets you decide with confidence.

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