Adapt your practice to new challenges and fast re-start

Faster, easier and more informative visual field testing with new HFA3 version 1.5.

  • SITATM Faster. Shorter tests, happier patients, efficient glaucoma management.
  • SITA Faster 24-2C with test points added in the central ten degrees captures important information in macula.
  • Touch of a button patient set up with auto Liquid Trial Lens and eye auto alignment shorten chair time.
  • GPATM* is at your fingertips to flag fast progressors using SITA tests, old and new.
  • HFA3 Review software to go over and modify HFA3 reports on demand in your office on a PC.
  • Windows 10 for data security and IT efficiency.

To claim your SITA FASTER special*, simply fill out the form below.

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For detailed information about HFA3 features, specifications, testimonials and more visit the product page.

*Offer is valid until April 30, 2021. For U.S. customers only.