In your evolving practice landscape, you can rely on the adaptability of ZEISS HFA3.

Evolve. Adapt. Advance.

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  • US only, valid through December 24, 2021.
  • Lease options $0 for 6 months or $199 for 12 months, $ 1.00 buy out.
  • Section 179 applicable (see ), save thousands of dollars on your year-end equipment purchase.

Advancing generations of innovation in perimetry, HFA3 1.5 takes visual field testing to a safer*, faster, easier and more informative level.

  • Cut test times in half** using SITA Faster without compromising test results.
  • Add ten test points to the 24-2 by using the new 24-2C pattern that includes locations along the nerve fiber bundles known to be susceptible to glaucomatous defects.
  • Shorten chair time with patient eye auto alignment and Liquid Trial Lens™ that eliminates the need for other trial lenses.
  • Minimize health risks to you, your patients and staff with a Breath Shield, specially included in this promo package.
  • Optimize further your practice workflow with HFA3 Review software. Modify reports or review results with your patient in your office on demand.
  • Identify fast progressors with GPA™ using SITA tests old and new.
  • Up-to-date data security and connectivity from Windows 10 on HFA3 boosts the IT efficiency.
  • Peace of mind with full year of warranty, on-site service, and hands-on clinical training.
  • Keep the data from your old HFA unit and analyze on your new HFA3. Maintain continuum of GPA analysis.

*compared to older generations.
**approximately, vs. SITA Standard time.

For detailed information about HFA3 visit the product page.

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