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ZEISS HFA3 with SITA Faster

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"Visual field testing, I hope, will change in a couple of ways because of Sita Faster, for the better. One, I believe that doctors will be more willing to ask patients to do a visual field test. And patients will be more willing to do it because Sita Faster takes about half the time of Sita Standard and about 70% of the time of Sita Fast. So I believe doctors, patients and staff will be more willing to do it. It also offers us the opportunity of doing a little more with the test."

OD, Optometrist, USA

ZEISS HFA3 with SITA Faster

Reduce visual field testing time.

The Humphrey® Field Analyzer 3 (HFA3) combines everything you’ve always valued in a Humphrey with more than you can imagine to streamline your workflow. Enhance your patient’s experience by reducing testing time, up to 50% with SITA Faster.

SITA Faster is only available on current or new HFA3 models.

Reduce testing time up to 50% with SITA Faster

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Watch Dr. Patella discuss how the role and use of automated perimetry has evolved

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The best just got better

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Ready to Upgrade?

The new HFA3 upgrade is software version 1.4 and it is free of charge for HFA3 owners. To enable you to receive and enjoy this free upgrade, we will need to ensure that your network and practice management system is currently up to date. Please select from the following choices so we can appropriately serve your request.  

I am a HFA3 user AND I use Glaucoma Workplace as well as ZEISS FORUM.

I am a HFA3 user AND DO NOT USE Glaucoma Workplace or ZEISS FORUM.

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