Humphrey Field Analyzer (HFA) Quick Help

Need help with your HFA device? We’ve compiled quick help solutions to common problems that might address your current issue quickly and easily. Check out the topics below.

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Step-by-Step Answers to Your HFAII, HFA II-i and HFA3 Questions


  • How do I change the projection lamp on an HFA II-i ?

    This lamp is responsible for projecting the standard light stimulus. With the aid of color filters, it is also used to create red and blue stimuli for color testing. If needed, you may order a new lamp by contacting ZEISS and asking for a Projection Lamp (PN 2660021106082). To install the projection lamp, watch the video or download and follow the steps below.


    Download file (PDF, 763KB)   |   Watch video (MP4, 20MB)


  • How do I reconnect the mapped drive on an HFA3?

    Normally the mapped drive is already set up in the HFA3 user application interface. Once connected, it should maintain the chosen drive letter (which represents a path to the share) upon restart. If it does not hold the mapped path, several steps can be taken. Download and follow the steps below.


    Download file (PDF, 43KB)

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