Biomedical Training

In-depth learning for first response

First Response Training and Certification

We understand the mission-critical nature of the biomedical engineer’s role in an organization, and have designed these programs to support maximum uptime for the OPMI Pentero and OPMI Lumera 700 surgical microscopes. Upon completion of the training, you will have the technical expertise you need to perform first-response service, and your biomedical department will be qualified for one of our special Biomedical Service Partnerships.

The program includes:

  • Three days of in-depth classroom and hands-on learning at our Dublin, California headquarters
  • Small class sizes for maximum benefit
  • Biomed Service Manual
  • Access to ZEISS field service engineers for secondary or more in-depth service requirements

(877) 486-7473
czmico ntracts @meditec .zeiss .com


To participate in this program, you must be a hospital Biomedical Engineer, and you must sign a non-disclosure agreement and appropriate waivers.