In-House Repair,

Factory Parts and Supplies

Optimize product performance and longevity

Expert In-House Repair

If your equipment requires in-house repair, it comes to our state-of-the-art repair facility*. There, a team of service technicians works to diagnose issues and provide fast resolution. This team adheres to the same rigorous standards for training and certification that apply to our Field Service Engineers. For many instruments, a loaner program is available to minimize downtime and keep you as productive as possible. Please call us at 1 (800) 341-6968, press 2 for service and support, and then choose option 2 for depot repair.

In-House Product Repair Services Include:

  • Manufacturer-approved shipping boxes and packing materials
  • Loaners for specified products and service agreement levels


Supplies and Replacement Parts Service

To protect the value of your equipment, we cannot stress strongly enough how important it is to use only ZEISS factory-approved replacement parts. These parts and components meet exacting specifications designed to optimize product performance and longevity. We stock more than 125,000 replacement parts and consumables like paper and lamp modules, which ensures that you quickly get what you need. We also provide an extensive component exchange program.*

*In-house repair and component exchange are not available for all products.