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ZEISS at ARVO 2022, Booth #2112

Meet Us in the Mile High City!

Join ZEISS at ARVO 2022, where team research has a history of turning ideas into innovation. Visit our exhibition booth to meet our experts, network with your colleagues, and tour the integrated technologies that are shaping clinic workflows around the globe and making data work for you. Stick around for a little game show fun, to peruse our scientific job openings and on Sunday, follow the crowd after the day is done to our evening reception1.

1 Advanced RSVP is required. Capacity is limited.

We're finally back together again!

Come visit the ZEISS booth and stay a while.

ZEISS Research & Development

Meet our experts

Drop by booth #2112 to hear from doctors who will speak first-hand about the impact ZEISS instruments have had on the optimization of their clinic workflows; and chat with our own ZEISS scientists who are turning ideas into innovations.

Scheduled to speak:
Amir Kashani, MD, PhD
Julia Owen, PhD
Ranjan Rajendram, MD
Boris Stanzel, MD

ZEISS Virtual Showroom  Retina Workflow

Tour our technologies

Come tour the integrated technologies that are shaping clinic workflows around the globe and get a first look at the instruments driving the future of remote care.

Jeopardy Clue TV Monitor

Test your knowledge

Put your diagnostic prowess to the test and join the fun, as we play a few light-hearted games of "Jeopard-eye". Sound fun? Email us that you're interested, and we'll be in touch.

Sunday, May 1 at 7:30pm

A Celebration of Innovation

Scientific Networking Reception

Registration for the event is now closed.

There’s no better way to wrap up a busy first day at ARVO than to join ZEISS for a relaxing evening among friends and colleagues—old and new—to continue the days’ conversations, strike up new ones, preview upcoming ZEISS posters and learn more about our scientific research consortium. Bring an appetite1 for an enjoyable celebration of collaboration and innovation in ophthalmic imaging.2

Guess what? We're hiring! Bring your experience and your CV to our opening evening reception to network with the minds behind the technology. Check out our scientific openings.

  • 1 In accordance with the Open Payments (“Sunshine Act”) provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (and similar state laws), the value of the food and beverage and /or textbook handouts are subject to public disclosure, and therefore will be reported in compliance with all applicable laws. State of Vermont HCPs: This event is organized and paid for by Carl Zeiss Meditec Inc. Partaking of the food and beverages is prohibited under Vermont’s “Gift Ban”
  • 2 The ZEISS Scientific Networking Reception is not part of the official program of ARVO 2022.

ZEISS Poster Presentations

Starring...our scientists!

Want to know more about the research and innovation that was showcased by ZEISS during ARVO 2022? Take a look at our posters, now available to download.

ARVO Panel 2019
ZEISS scientists hold a panel discussion at ARVO 2019

Drive the Discovery.

Join the Advanced Research and Innovation Network.

At ZEISS, we're driving the discovery by investing in people, partnerships, and the emerging technologies that will share and define the future of patient care. With an entire global community of like-minded pioneers sharing our desire for discovery, our collaboration will continue to provide inspiration for years to come.

Visit the ZEISS booth and attend our networking reception to learn more about the history of the ARI network, see how we've evolved and explore how your research might fit into the fold.

Advanced Research and Innovation (ARI) Network

Dare today. Shape tomorrow.

Research & Development at ZEISS

ZEISS is proud to have a strong showing every year at the ARVO annual meeting. It wouldn't be possible without the commitment of our dedicated team of scientists and engineers who are advancing ophthalmic diagnostics with the work they do everyday. As we continue to grow, so does the need to bring new team members on board.

And, guess what? We're hiring! While at ARVO, stop by our booth and join us at our opening evening reception to network with the minds behind the technology.

Luis de Sisternes

Innovation means only making original mistakes, and striving to solve them.

Niranjana Manivannan

Innovation happens where curiosity meets passion.

Zahra Nafar

Doing research, 
no two days are the same!

Hugang Ren

Research is finding the best possible solution to address the unmet customer needs.