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ZEISS at VEW 2021

September 22-25, 2021

Las Vegas, NV

After over a year away, ZEISS is excited for the return of in-person shows and the opportunity to see you live in a safe and socially distanced manner. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the entire optometric community to reevaluate day to day processes, technology, and key elements in the practice. 

We would like to share with you how ZEISS technology can help your practice maximize diagnostic throughput in the new normal.

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Dr. Dorothy Hitchmoth shares her unique pandemic experience including reconfiguring their ZEISS equipment to make patient’s experience safer and more efficient.
Dr. April Jasper talks about increases in her staff and patient’s experiences with technology, such as FORUM for organization and communications.
Dr. Aaron Lech discusses his practice’s workflow and how FORUM increased efficiencies.
Dr. Benjamin Gaddie of Keplr Vision shares how he makes decisions about glaucoma diagnosis and educating his patient’s about the progression of the disease.
Dr. Patricia Fulmer started her own practice a year ago and uses the CLARUS 500 to be able to educate patients and helps in business financials with billing.
Dr. Michael Chaglasian from the Illinois School of Optometry discusses the integration of data being collected to make the right diagnosis and management decision.

Integrating data that drives disease management.

Multi-modality in diagnostics and imaging are increasingly becoming the standard of care in eye clinics. The ability to assess and compare the data from different modalities provides clinicians a new level of confidence for proposing a treatment regimen that is customized to each patient's individual needs.

ZEISS Retina Workflow

Optimizing retinal disease detection, management and treatment

By combining premier imaging and at-a-glance history with interactive analysis, ZEISS Retina solutions supports both your routine and complex patient management decision processes with an efficient, worry-free and cost effective solution. 

ZEISS Retina Integrating multi-modality data efficiently

ZEISS Glaucoma Workflow

Detecting disease early and managing progression

ZEISS supports complex disease management by integrating critical data points necessary to make accurate decisions on treatment paths and providing at-a-glance history and progression trends with interactive analysis.

ZEISS Glaucoma Identify and manage progression to adapt to proper treatment

At the booth, we tested your knowledge at the What’s my Diagnosis? quiz. Look for What's my Diagnosis? at AAO in New Orleans in November.

VEW LUNCH Symposium

Let’s Talk Controversy in Glaucoma Management

If you missed the VEW Lunch Symposium, Let's Talk Controversy in Glaucoma Management, it will soon be available on-demand.


Mark Dunbar
OD, FAAO (Moderator)

Michael Chaglasian

Carolyn Majcher

Justin Schweitzer

Description: Hear from a panel of experts as they discuss their management of different glaucoma cases and the controversies that surround each. Join the discussion with interactive polling. From making a judgement about when to appropriately begin treatment, to monitoring progression, to creating a treatment plan, this lecture will highlight points of contention and discuss how best to target care for individual patients.